Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Democrat Party Hysteria

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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For the politicians and true believers of the Democrat Party agenda it turns out that the anti-Trump temper tantrums are not really about Donald Trump at all.  It's about their inability to conceive that the Republican Party is not dead, and that there were enough voters out there willing to put someone with an (R) after his name into the White House.

The agenda of the Democrat Party, for them, takes precedence over anything you and I would consider common sense, or good government.  They have convinced themselves that collectivism is the only fair system, and they ignore that statism/socialism/utopianism has failed everywhere, and every time, it has been tried.

The rhetoric, while based in untruth, has become the truth, to the liberal left.  They have gotten to the point that they believe their own B.S., and are willing to act violently if they don't get their way.  Constitutionalism and republicanism are frightening concepts to them.  As far as they are concerned, all Republicans and "right-wingers" are racist, fascist, and evil - despite the fact that there is no evidence supporting the claim, and that in history it is actually the liberal left that has a record of violence, genocide, and totalitarianism.

Limited government is anarchy to the leftists.  They believe that if a central government does not control everything, and force their benevolent ideas for the common good on society, individualism will destroy society.  We are greedy, selfish, and we must be protected from ourselves - or at least that is what the Democrat Party ruling elites say they believe.

They don't understand that free markets and individualism creates innovation and prosperity because on paper, with manipulated information that they have even come to believe, themselves, it's not possible.  It's like the presidential election of 2016, where the Democrats, academia, and the media did all they could to ensure Hillary's victory.  They manipulated the polls, over-sampled Democrats, promoted Hillary as the only sane choice, accused Trump of everything under the sun, and likely even committed fraud at the polling places.  Yet, after all of that, Trump won.  They can't understand how they could be so wrong about the inevitability of the victory of Donald J. Trump, despite the fact that all of their information was false, because of their manipulative influence.

They believed their own lies.  Besides, in their bubbles, they didn't know anybody who wasn't going to vote for Hillary.  Surely, after all of the alleged scandals and accusations of racism, it wasn't possible for Trump to win.  They convinced themselves that Hillary was a surefire winner.  And when Trump won, they realized despite all they had done, they didn't get their way, so they rioted.  All they know is what Karl Marx taught, "The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism."  Any other opinion, for the sake of seeking that peace, must be stopped, and stamped out.  Silenced.  Ended by any means.

After all, in the religion of liberal leftism, the progressives believe that the ends justify the means - and that is what truly makes them dangerous.  When they don't get their way, they become angry - and an angry leftist is a violent leftist.

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