Saturday, December 17, 2016

Doug's Meetings in Las Vegas with Niger Innis and Guy Milliere

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Today I, along with my friend Dennis Jackson, had the opportunity to drive out to Las Vegas and meet with two individuals I respect greatly, Niger Innis and Guy Milliere.  The meeting with Niger was about the Congress of Racial Equality and the organization's upcoming program that I am going to be the director of regarding establishing Civics and Constitution classes in the inner cities.  Before the meeting Niger joined me on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490-AM which is what is pictured in this article.

The meeting with Niger marks the beginning of proposed Civics and Constitution studies programs in California which we hope to have fully launched by the Spring of 2017. In the meeting we talked about the details regarding implementing the program, and how we will be able to fund it.

The hope regarding the program is that it will help spread constitutional literacy throughout the inner city neighborhoods where these principles may not be taught in the manner they should be. Down the road we would like to see the curriculum expand in a manner that could include implementing it into the public education system. While at this time these are only emerging ideas, the potential of this program are incredible.

I gave Niger Innis copies of each of my four books, and he gave me a book written by his father Roy Innis.  Dennis gave Niger a copy of the film "Enemies Within", a film based on Trevor Loudon's book by the same name, and a film in which Dennis is one of the executive producers.

After the meeting with Niger Innis, and other representatives of the Congress of Racial Equality, we had the opportunity to have dinner with Guy Milliere and his wife.  Guy is a fellow of the Gatestone Institute, and of the America n Freedom Alliance, and a former professor from Paris, France.  He immigrated to the United States recently because of the threats he was facing in France for daring to speak and write critically about Islam.  We discussed the Muslim invasion of Europe, and how we can see the beginnings of societal suicide by appeasement in the United States.

I am expecting to be in Las Vegas again in a few weeks, not only meeting again with both Niger and Guy, but this time being able to introduce them to each other.  Overall, the trip to Las Vegas was a tremendous success.

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