Monday, December 19, 2016

The Meeting of the Electors

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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While there are those hoping that the electors meeting today will block a Trump presidency, and many of those people are just crazy enough to threaten the lives of the electors of the Electoral College to make it happen, there is actually little or no concern that the electors will head in a direction that will anoint Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.  The Republicans indicate that there are too many rural electors, and that those folks can't be swayed.

I understand the concern.  There are a number of wild reports.  One elector was followed and threatened on the freeway.  Pennsylvania electors have gotten so many threats that they are receiving police protection.  Protesters are gathering in force at each location where electors are meeting at their State capitols.

I get it, liberal Democrats.  Your candidate didn't win.  That is a part of our American System.  Trust me, I wasn't happy when a leftist like Obama, who said out of the gate he wants to transform our country away from the political philosophies and constitutional principles that have made this country great, and he won.  I didn't cry.  I didn't protest.  I didn't claim Russia caused the GOP to lose.  I rallied to inform, and I set out to do what I could to make sure we could win seats, and the White House, in the next election.  I got involved.  I met with my representatives.  I influenced my local movers and shakers.  I influenced the Riverside County Republican Central Committee.

The Electoral College worked.  Without it, the four biggest cities, or you could say California, would be the only deciding votes.  The Electoral College, however, makes it so that States like Iowa and New Hampshire are important.  A candidate in a national popular vote system would only need to convince the voters in the biggest cities to vote for him or her.  In the Electoral College, the rural areas are included as also being important, and become a necessary part of the vote.  In other words, in a National Popular vote system, only one part of America needs to be convinced a candidate is good enough to be President.  In an Electoral College system, all of America must be convinced.

Okay, fine, this still doesn't alleviate your concerns about the Electoral College meeting, today, swinging towards Hillary because of leftist meddling.

Since 1832, the members of the Electoral College 99% of the time have voted with the popular vote of their States.  Only one Republican elector approaching today's vote has voiced that he plans to vote against Trump - he's in Texas.  There are a total of eight electors saying they can't bring themselves to vote for Trump.  Even if they stuck to their word, and truly did refuse to give Trump their vote, that doesn't mean they would give their vote to Hillary, and the electoral gap is too big for those eight to change anything.  Trump won by 74 Electoral Votes.

The Democrat Party leadership, and those leftists who say they won't vote for Trump, really do not want a flip to happen.  A Trump presidency is a great chance for them to regroup, and do to Trump what they did to George W. Bush in the demonization game.  Besides, there is that pesky little thing called the 2nd Amendment.  They know that Republicans are armed, and though we are not a violent segment of society, the liberal left believes we are - and the last thing they want to do is give us a reason to take to the streets with guns blazing.

Remember, despite evidence to the contrary, the liberal Democrats think that the "radical right-wingers" who "cling to their guns and Bibles" are potentially much more violent than a group like Black Lives Matter.

Besides, I don't think they are positive that the public will appreciate such an underhanded move.  To flip the election through the meeting of the electors, today, would expose the liberal Democrats for who they really are. . . liars, cheaters, deceptive, and a party unwilling to play by the rules - even after going after Trump because he questioned the validity of the system during the campaign.

The rule has always been to insert their socialism incrementally.  Anything done too fast, or too much, will expose them for who they are, and if Americans, even the uninformed entitlement voters, knew the truth about the Democrats, they would fade out of History just like Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Party did.  An abrupt move like flipping the Electoral College would be too much, too quick, and the communists who hide behind deceptive Democrat Party rhetoric are not ready to reveal to the public at large who they truly are.

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