Thursday, December 22, 2016

Washington D.C. Metro Hypocrisy, Democrat Party Hypocrisy

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Today's Drudge Report Headline:

Question:  What would be the reaction by the media and Democrats if, say, Hillary had won, and some agency had done something like this?

The hypocrisy of the leftist Democrats is astounding, but not surprising.

You know it's bad when even liberal left Piers Morgan calls the Democrats out for their hypocrisy.

Morgan's headline reads, "Hillary and the hypocritical Democrats aren't defending American democracy from foreign meddling, they are a clear and present danger to it."

Here's some highlights from Piers' article. . . 
It never crossed their elitist, arrogant, superior minds that Trump, a man they perceived to be an ignorant, unelectable Neanderthal, had a cat-in-hell’s chance of beating the woman dubbed ‘the most qualified candidate in history’ by President Obama.
Then Trump sensationally triumphed, sparking weeks of Biblical scale weeping and wailing from those who opposed him.
Their deluded, defiant, sore loser fury has known no bounds.
Indeed, it has now escalated in its intensity and desperation.
How about this nugget:
It’s thus a mass Democrat-led effort to thwart Trump’s presidency from even starting.
There’s just one problem, and it’s the exact same problem that made a mockery of Jill Stein’s complaint: there is no actual evidence to support any of this.
Nobody has proven the Russians hacked anyone in this election, and nobody has proven Trump knew about any such hacking even if it ever occurred.
They’re all just guessing.
Or in the case of the CIA, it is their ‘belief’ that Russia and Wikileaks were in cahoots. In which case, I suggest they very quickly show us why they believe this, not least because the FBI doesn’t apparently share its rival agency’s opinion.
 Whose fault is it?
I’d say the fault of the CIA, FBI and every other US intelligence agency charged with preventing such hacking from occurring.
They all knew about the massive threat of an online attack during this election.
Only last year, Sony was hacked by North Korea to devastating effect.
And it’s been widely accepted for years that the Chinese hack anything that moves in American cyberspace.
Should they have wished to look a little closer to home for advice, they could have asked Edward Snowden just how easy it is for the NSA to hack into people’s personal information.
So it would be a stupendously dumb and deeply embarrassing breach of supposed intelligence if the Russians HAD been able to do what they all now want us to believe they did.
And the blame would surely lie not with Trump but Obama and those in his government whose job it is to stop these hacks happening.
Wider Hypocrisy:
All the Democrat squealing now would frankly carry a lot more weight if it hadn’t been their own failures that may or may not have led to any hacking in the first place.
There’s also a wider hypocrisy here and that’s about the issue of foreign entities trying to interfere in free, democratic elections held in other countries.
Earlier this summer, I seem to remember Barack Obama coming over to my country, Britain, and warning us that if we didn’t all vote to stay in the European Union then we’d be ‘back of the queue’ when it came to future trade deals.
That was just about the most deliberate, shameless attempt to ‘rig’ an election (or in this case, referendum) I’ve ever seen. Here was the most powerful man on earth basically putting the arm on a much smaller country to get the result he wanted.
The fact that Obama failed in his mission is immaterial.
What we are witnessing now with the Electoral College is an equally sinister attempt to tamper with the will of the people.
It’s also just as disgustingly hypocritical.
You know it's bad when even Piers Morgan thinks you are full of political bull poop patties.

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