Sunday, January 22, 2017

Deadly Storm Sweeping Through The South

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The massive storm moving through the southern United States is a killer.  The deadly storm has caused, according to the latest reports, at least 11 fatalities, and has injured about 23 people.  The severe weather struck southern Georgia early Sunday, following within hours of a 4:00 am tornado that struck Mississippi in which four people were killed. In Mississippi the tornado tore a 25-mile long path through the State, with winds above 135 miles per hour.

The tornado slammed through numerous mobile homes before dawn on Sunday where at least 5 were confirmed dead.  Survivors are still being searched for.

Roughly half of the 40 mobile homes in the park were destroyed.  In one case it was estimated the home moved about 100 yards, placing it in the middle of nearby Highway 122.

Tornado warnings continue to be issued, with severe weather expected throughout Sunday.

Other States facing severe weather and "intense and long track" tornadoes including heavy winds and large hail include northern Florida and the southeastern corner of Alabama.  The storm is expected to also affect South Carolina in the evening.

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