Monday, February 27, 2017

Ashley Judd: Trump Election Worse Than Being Raped

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Ashley Judd called herself a nasty girl at the same women's event that Madonna threatened to blow up the White House.  Now, Judd has insulted millions of rape survivors by comparing Trump’s election to a “Rape.”

Does Judd realize how much of an idiot she sounds like?  Does she not realize that her stupidity is actually pushing people away from her beloved Democrat Party?

Judd wants you to believe that Trump is worse than a “rapist.”  Why?  Because he talked about women in a personal conversation in a manner that she didn't approve of?

What about Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill?  The man is a sexual predator, and Hillary has covered up for his rapist lifestyle that has been a problem during his entire lifetime.  And, Hillary laughed about getting a rapist out of trouble during a rape case when she was a lawyer, bragging about it.

And that's not taking into account Bill's thing about cigars and teenage vaginas.

And Ashley Judd has the audacity to compare Trump's win in November to a rape?

She disgusts me.

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