Thursday, February 23, 2017

Montreal declares itself ‘sanctuary city’ as influx of asylum seekers arrives

By Anita in Canada,

Holy Batman!  Montreal declares itself a sanctuary city. Compliments of
Turdeeew I am sure.  Turdeeew is at it again - making muslims a
protected species.  They should not receive one penny of Canadian tax
money.  However we know the opposite will happen. Turdeeew will shower
them with more money than he usually showers them with.  Simply because
they are muslim and he is muslim.  Also being French, Turdeeew also
protects the French against anyone non french.  Can you say racism by
Think we are seeing this movie running in USA with racism supplied by
Obama against the whites, against the non muslims, against the police
force, against Trump supporters, against safety and security of USA

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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