Sunday, February 12, 2017

Northeast Slammed with Feet of White, Fluffy Global Warming

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Jesse Watters asked New Yorkers what they thought about the thick, foot deep, layer of Global Warming they were in the middle of, of late.  Most folks laughed.  One corrected him.  "Climate Change."

Pretty handy, isn't it?  Change the name to "Climate Change" so that any weather can be used to support your narrative.

Watters responded, "You know what I call Climate Change?  The seasons."

Two storms have slammed the northeast in less than a week, creating blizzard conditions and over a foot of snow.  The second storm was the stronger of the storms.

Travel has been hazardous, and flights have been cancelled due to the extreme weather.  At one point the snow fell at a rate of an inch or more an hour, quickly covering roads and sidewalks.

The snowfall was even more fierce in parts of central and eastern Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Various schools have been forced to close for a number of days, and the intensity of the snow has kept road crews constantly busy to keep roads clear.  While travel has become very difficult, in some places it has been downright impossible, especially during the worst of the second storm.

High winds and the massive amount of snow has created unsafe blizzard conditions.

Reports have revealed a building of surf across the Atlantic Ocean, which has created coastal flooding issues and beach erosion along the eastern New England coast and the northern shore of Long Island.

During some periods the storm has included an icy mix, making travel more slick than usual.

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