Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sensory Overload

Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs
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While driving to a meeting yesterday morning, driving home after pre-recording one of my radio programs, and driving in the evening to Corona to teach a Constitution Class, I left the radio off.  I turned the phone off.  The car was silent.  It was just me, the wind blowing against my windows, and my thoughts.

I remember when I was young we had those moments of silence.  Time to think, and ponder.  It seems like in today's society of technology we no longer have those moments.  We are always being bombarded with information.  We watch television at home, listen to the radio in our cars, and have our devices on and buzzing during all other moments.

When do we actually return to our humanity, and simply think?

At what point does the sensory bombardment become a sensory overload?

Or, is that what the powers-that-be want?

If we are constantly being entertained, or occupied, how can we stop long enough to realize the tyranny the liberal left is trying to apply?  If we spend all of our time getting what we want, quickly, through technology, is it no surprise that the snowflakes are flipping out because the sensory overload is telling them Trump is not giving them what they want?

Do they even know what they want?

Thoughts.  Silence.  Peaceful alone time.

Shouldn't we all, every once in a while, just turn everything off... and think?

Perhaps, for just a moment, we should quit believing what we are being told, and actually look into the truth for ourselves.  Perhaps, just perhaps, we will realize that the fear and hate being spewed by the liberal left is simply a temper tantrum, and a fear that individualism has finally reawakened.  Their dream of a collective utopia is at risk.  Liberty can be a powerful thing.

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