Friday, February 17, 2017

The Storm Upon Us in California

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I suppose the title of this article can be taken two ways.  In California a massive storm like nothing we've seen in years is upon us. . . both by way of weather, and the onslaught of liberal madness by the supermajority of Democrats in California's legislature.  The winds have been whipping up today (60-70 mph) with a promise of possibly up to ten inches of rain in my area over the next 24 hours.  The Venezuela-style socialism in California threatens our State, as we continue into a downward spiral into becoming Detroit on a Statewide scale.

The rainfall has caused widespread flooding and a need for a number of rescues.  The politics have caused widespread misery and to get out of the danger a number of residents are evacuating the State for good.

The roadways are a mess, with a commute that makes the usually hectic Southern California traffic look like child's play.  Sacramento is a mess, making socialist and communist regimes in history look like child's play.  From the anti-gun legislation to the children's rights bill proposed by Dr. Pan that will basically make parenting illegal unless you comply with the State's demands, the spiral into insanity is moving rapidly.

The storm is the strongest to hit the region within the last six years.  The political storm is determined to destroy California and defy the Trump administration by slamming us with a flood of illegal aliens that the region is incapable of absorbing.  A day without Mexicans showed us how dangerous the threat is as Hispanics who believe in extreme leftist and Marxist ideals throughout the country tried to convince Americans we need their numbers, when in reality their numbers are creating havoc on the system of benefits, and by bringing into the country with them (mixed into their numbers) disease, criminals, and terrorists.

Wildfire areas where there is little vegetation holding the hillsides makes mudslides a grave danger.  The State has spent money we don't have on a bullet train project, rather than our water system, so we have little water (man-caused drought?), and the Oroville dam is on the verge of becoming an epic disaster.

Leftist, progressive, liberal, statist, collectivism by the Democrats in California are destroying the State. . . but that's all they know how to do.  Destroy.

At this point our only hope is to reach into the communities who have been fooled by the propaganda, use education to help them see what damage the Democrats are wielding, and flip the State from within.

I am working with the Congress of Racial Equality to do just that.

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