Monday, February 13, 2017

The U.S. Navy Band Plays Arabic Song: Honoring Arabic Culture

By Capt Joseph R. John

One of the strengths of the United States is the Republic has been a melting pot for 240 years, the United States is made up of many cultures, including American citizens of Arabic decent who have served Honorably as members of the US Armed Forces since the turn of the 20th Century.  The estimated 7 million American citizens of Arabic decent have always maintained excellent relations with their relatives and many of their associates in friendly Arabic countries.

American citizens of Christians and Muslims religious backgrounds, who are from Lebanese, Armenian, Assyrian, Jordanian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Bharani, Saudi Arabian, Turkish, Afghan, Omani, Syrian, Kurdish, etc. cultures have stood shoulder to shoulder with other Americans serving in the US Armed Forces, opposing ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorists perpetrating genocide against Christians of Arabic decent living in the Middle East.  

Members in the US Armed Forces of Arabic decent have fought heroically in support of the United States during WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, the Bosnian Conflict, Operation Desert Storm, the Iraqi Conflict, the Afghan Conflict, and in multiple World Wide Counterterrorist Operations against Radical Islamic Terrorists.  During Operation Desert Storm, 19 Arabic nations fought alongside of the US Armed Forces to evict Saddam Hussein from his invasion of Kuwait.

By clicking on the below listed link, you can watch the US Navy Band plays an Arabic song, in the below listed video, Honoring the Arabic culture:

Patriotic Americans citizens of Arabic decent who volunteered to serve in the US Armed Forces are not to be confused with Radical Islamic Terrorist who have been entering the United States illegally thru the wide open southern border, thru UN Middle East Refugee Program without being screened by the FBI for potential terrorist ties, who are the children of refugees who subsequently became Radicalized thru the Internet & traveled to Iraq to join ISIS, who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist organization, and are visitor overstays from 7 of the 43 Muslim majority nations harboring Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations.  They collectively perpetrated 74 murderous terrorist attacks or attempted attacks against Americans citizens in US cities over the last 8 years, and are listed in the attachment.   

The 7 Muslim majority nations that are harboring Radical Islamic Terrorists are Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and Libya.  Except for Iran, the governments of those 7 nations harboring Radical Islamic Terrorists lack identity controls, and are unable to verify that individuals residing in those countries are who they state they are.  The names of many of the terrorists from 7 nations who attacked Americans in US Cities are listed in the attachment.   
Only 7 of the 43 Muslim majority nations in the world have had a 120 day moratorium on refugee resettlement imposed upon them by the Trump administration.  There are 47 Democrat members in Congress who support President Trump’s 120 day moratorium on refugee resettlement, so Custom and Border Patrol Officers can institute stricter refugee evaluation procedures, in order to safeguard all Americans. 
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Face Book said...

People from many nations stood together against an enemy however that does not in any way make America a nationality of foreign nations , We are one nation not many and not having many gods but one God.
Foreign nations cannot be weaved in to our Godly foundational Culture .
My ancestors were German, Italian, Irish and I have yet to hear America's Military Band playing any of these nations founded music to honor their culture.
We are America we do not honor foreign nations by having our US Military Band to play their nations national founding tribute song to the god they worship.
We recognize their assistance in fighting along side us; But bow our nations Military Band to honor a foreign culture NO .
We do not honor them by having our US Military give a salute to their nations culture.
Bottom Line "America is One Nation Under God, not many nations within a nation having many gods.