Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Travel Ban and National Security

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The executive order on immigration and refugees that President Trump signed right before the launch of last weekend has the liberal left Democrats beside themselves in anger.  The protest-laden display of their anger has simply been confirmation for Trump supporters why they want nothing to do, anymore, with the unhinged liberal left Democrats in America.  Simply put, the executive order in question puts a freeze on immigration and travel into the United States from seven countries that are either historically and currently supporters and a funding source for the Islamic jihad, or has actors committing terrorism throughout their population, and we simply cannot fully trust the alleged refugees coming here from those countries to not be a part of that jihad effort.  The "ban" is a 120 day program, drastically cutting the number of Muslim migrants we admit into this country, and limits some travel from certain Muslim-majority countries.

The liberal left democrats consider the executive order "cruel" and a departure from America's "come one, come all" immigration attitude.

While it is true the United States has a beautiful history of sheltering and accepting those fleeing violence and persecution, and has always been the world leader in refugee resettlement, it is also important to understand that the enemy, in this case Islamism, is not shy about inserting itself among the fleeing populations.  The unfortunate reality is that the migrants are largely made up of jihad-age males.

While among those fleeing the Middle East there are those who truly seek refuge in the United States, to protect the receiving population it is necessary to take a strong stance with the vetting process to ensure that only those seeking to make America their home and wish to be contributing members of our society are who we accept.  I have no problem extending a hand of generosity to those people.  But, to keep us safe, let us make sure that the jihadists are not among those entering this country.

While a large portion of the Muslim migrants, we are told, do not pose a threat, reality dictates that the poison of jihad lurks among their numbers.  Germany and France are examples of what happens when a country's policies are so liberal that they literally accept whoever they can into their country.  As a result, there are over 750 no-go zones in France, and both countries spent much of 2016 being rocked by terrorist attack after terrorist attack within their own borders.

The increase in attacks as the number of Muslim "refugees" in the country increases is not a coincidence.  There is a direct correlation.

President Trump calls his new policy "extreme vetting."  Like most Americans, he has been paying attention to what is going on, and like us, he sees the connection between the massive flow of Muslim refugees pouring into countries, and the increase in Islamic terrorism.  And yes, the executive order is legal.  Trump is executing existing law to ensure America is safe again.

One would have to be either a fool, an ally of Islam, or a strict ideologue with scales over their eyes not to see the facts, and realize that in the face of an enemy determined to achieve global domination, this executive order Trump signed is a necessary step in protecting the United States against Islamic terrorism.

While most Americans support securing our borders, we must also secure our immigration processes.  After all, coming to America, as has been pointed out by the Trump administration, is not a right.  Coming to America is a privilege, and only those who seek to contribute and assimilate into our society need to apply.  All others, for the sake of security and common sense, needs not to apply.

Yes, we are a country built by immigrants.  We are a melting pot of immigrants eager to join the fold, to be American, to assimilate into America's society and make this country prosperous and great.  Potential terrorists do not share those values.  The goal of Islamic terrorism is simple: destroy America, and replace our Constitution with Islamic law.

Should we have welcomed Nazis in the name of fairness during World War II because it was possible that among the ranks of those seeking to kill us might be a list of folks truly desiring to be Americans?

Trump's executive order is not a Muslim ban, but a limit on those coming from seven particular countries where accepting those folks could be a threat to our national security.  That's all.  The chaos we are seeing is not as much a result of the executive order as it is theatrics being portrayed by a liberal left minority in the full throes of rabid hysteria because they are not getting their way, and they have been cornered with the possibility that Americans truly see them for who they are. . . destructive and anti-American.

We want in this country folks who, when entering our society, lovingly gaze upon the Statue of Liberty with hope and awe. . . not with destructive jihadist thoughts.  Trump's executive order does indeed reflect American values - values that scream national security, and a strong stance against the totalitarian barbarism offered by the Islamic jihad.

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