Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump Reveals Foolishness of Conservative NeverTrump Movement

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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There are two kinds of "Never Trump" camps, out there.  The hard left nutcakes who are destroying America through violent riots and fiery protests because they believe Trump wishes to destroy America, and the conservative Never Trump folks who said during the election that Trump was nothing more than a New York Liberal posing as a Republican (to help Hillary Clinton win the election).

Trump's victory and ascension to the presidency of the United States of America stunned both groups, and his first month in the White House has proven both groups to be nothing less than fools.

Before he even stepped into the shoes of President of the United States on January 20, Trump's business acumen and pull-no-punches style had businesses clamoring to return to the United States for the production of their products.  Trump has already reduced the national debt by $12 million, and has spurned a worldwide movement willing to stand against the ruling class leftist establishment.  He has been working to build the border wall, as promised; is continuing to work with conservatives as he slams the liberal media; his work has been returning jobs to the U.S., and despite the accusations of racism, is taking care to work to help improve the opportunities of black communities; and it has been shown that it was not Trump getting assistance from Russia, but Hillary Clinton.

Have we not learned, by now, that the Democrats lie and project?

The reality is, Trump is turning out, so far, to be a good President of the United States, and a conservative one, at that.  He was right about Sweden (and the problem of Islamic refugee programs throughout Europe - and here - while working to resolve the problem domestically with his travel ban).  He has the furious liberal left media back-pedaling, and the hard-left, anti-American crazies exposing who they really are. . . traitors who stand against the American System.

Yet, there are still Republicans who can't stand Trump, and continue to doubt he is not some liberal Trojan Horse?

While the leftists reveal that they are truly the ones who are racists, and that they truly do not understand the Constitution, much less, support it, Trump just keeps doing his thing.  He isn't cowering in the corner, nor is he giving the leftists a single inch... and I am loving it.  As they say, Trump is simply being Trump.

The thing is, the liberal left Democrats, and the conservative Never Trump crowd, do not understand Trump.  He's unconventional, and they can't seem to pull their noses out of the textbook of how things should be done, even though Trump has proven conventional political wisdom is a farce.

Trump, unlike the rest of the political establishment, is in tune with the people, and understands the basic tenets of liberty and a successful economy.  The establishment is hating it because Trump is outside their little club, and it places their power and money at risk.  While the Republicans have helped grow the size of government while promising to run the massive bureaucracy in a conservative manner (as if that's not an oxymoron), Trump is challenging their control of 37% of the economy and handouts of $6 trillion per year, and is saying, "This has got to change."  He is disabling the liberal press which has been driving the narrative that fuels the expansion of government, and he has placed sticks of dynamite in the Washington D.C. bubble so as to expose all of them for who they are, what they know, and what they have been doing.

Trump has Americans engaged again.  We are paying attention, and it turns out that like Trump, we don't like what we see.  So, the Democrats are rioting, and crying, and throwing temper-tantrums, and the statist members of the GOP are lashing out and panicking.  And, as voters watch what is going on, the number of Tea Party Republicans is destined to increase in Washington. . . because now the environment is more constitution-friendly and will be welcoming to their rise.

Trump isn't arguing for his policies in a manner that the politicians of the past have.  He's doing it by holding public events and using press conferences and social media to speak directly to the American People.  He is calling out the obstructionists, and he is using a conservative bully pulpit to slam the establishment with a big stick not much unlike the one Teddy Roosevelt proverbially swung around.

The Donald has taken a lesson from George Washington, who didn't sit in his chair at the capital trying to administratively keep the country moving forward and unified, but got out there with long tours to talk to the people.  When the Whiskey Rebellion erupted, he got on his horse and visited Kentucky to quell the divide.  Washington understood that speaking directly to the people would unify the country behind him, and Trump is doing the same.  President James Monroe did the same, and his connection to the people vastly influenced his popularity.  He ran unopposed for reelection.

The American People do not want the President to be some distant professional politician in the District of Columbia.  They want their leaders to be among them, to understand them, and to stand unified with them.

Trump is unconventional, and rejects conventional wisdom because the "the way it's always been" does not work.  He appeals to most of the American population because he talks to the American People.  His press conferences, while the media is present, is pointed at the American People.

Our complaint has been against the establishment, all along.  And when we finally find our piece of filet mignon to send to Capitol Hill, we are devastated when, after our favorite candidate goes through the meat grinder, it turns out he or she becomes just another glob of ground beef like the rest of them.

Trump is a hard piece of leather, one that only slightly bends, and refuses to yield.  He cannot be made into ground beef by the meat grinder, and in truth, the politicians are panicking because Trump is screwing the meat grinder up and is compromising their sharp blades of power.

Conservatives were wondering, under Obama, if we were headed for a revolution.  Could the Tea Party survive the onslaught of leftism?  Trump is the candidate the Tea Party was calling for.  He's the President that embodies our revolution, and the demand by the American People that the establishment be taken down.  Trump is a disruptor.  He's unorthodoxed, loud, and sticks to his guns.  The more I get to know him, the more I respect him.  He's exactly what America needed.  Now, it's just a matter of getting through the processes of getting this country turned around.

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