Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Civic Responsibility

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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American Liberty Leads To American Opportunity.  American Liberty is achieved, and maintained, through the efforts of advocates who work tirelessly to restrain governmental forces from expanding into the lives of individuals.  Statism, however, is a disease that can never be beaten, so to maintain American Liberty it takes eternal vigilance, not only by ourselves, but by the future generations of Americans.  Without dedicated diligence, freedom passes away, and tyranny replaces it.

Government does not naturally withdraw from our lives no more than a wealthy man voluntarily diminishes his riches.  If we are going to return to the American System and the foundational principles it was founded upon, we must make the President, Congress, our State legislatures and governors, and all of our local officials live up to the oath they took with their right hand in the air, and their left hand on a Bible.

In a republic, among the many checks and balances built into the system, We the People must be a significant voice.  We are not a pure democracy.  Our duties reach beyond the ballot box.  While an important part of our system, simply voting is not enough to keep the politicians in line.  We must be advocates, forcing the hand of government to reduce its size because we made them do it.  They won't answer unless they are petitioned, or rallied against, or fear retaliation if they don't make their constituencies happy.  We must file State ballot measures, and lobby the political class with tenacity and a refusal to walk away.  We must surround them to show them that we mean business, because in a republic it takes much more work than a pure democracy to make sure our liberties are protected.  However, our tactics must be in line with sound principles of virtue.

Politics in the name of a political party does not matter in this fight.  All politicians have an innate desire to increase their power, and that is achieved by expanding the size of government.  No government in history has ever faded away, or reduced its size, because it realized it might be too burdensome on the public.  No politician of any political stripe suddenly says, "Gosh, we are getting too much power.  Perhaps we should curb our growth."  An expanding government is inevitable if not stopped by We the People, and with expansion comes more power for the self-proclaimed ruling class, until government once again becomes a tool of oppression - just as it was when the Founding Fathers sought to rebel against it, and create a more perfect union for themselves... and their Posterity.

Advocating for a smaller government is not "anti-government," but is a demand for government to simply operate within the authorities granted to it, and nothing more.  While government is necessary to maintain order in our society, without proper maintenance it can become tyrannical, and a danger to liberty, and our natural God-given rights.  To protect its expansion, government has formed a "good ol' boys club" of dominant politicians who will do anything to protect their power, and prestige.  The "Establishment" is populated by a membership of elite politicians who believe they are above everyone else, that they are rulers who cannot be dethroned, and that it is their destiny to be seated in such seats of high power because they are somehow superior, and more wise than the commoner in political matters.  Only anger turned into well-planned advocacy can unseat these powerful authoritarians, and that well-planned advocacy has already been tried successfully, and then was penned in a God-inspired document by the framers of the United States Constitution.

In history, violent revolution almost always inevitably leads to a different tyrannical oligarchy coming in to replace the oligarchy removed.  A peaceful revolution, however, can be waged through rallies and strategic political moves designed to return our government back to its constitutional foundation.

Reverting our system back towards its constitutional roots requires true diversity.  All Americans must be engaged in order to bring about the victories we long for.  High dollar special interests fund and curry favor with our legislators.  It is in our best interest to replace those lobbyists.  We must lobby our government to return to a Godly foundation seated firmly in the rationale of religious liberties and the concept that "All men (and women) are created equal" in the eyes of God.  Only then will true equality and opportunity be achieved.

The voice and opinion of the citizens are powerful forces in politics.  While politicians seek to mute and distract the less informed, the stronger voices cannot be co-opted so easily.  While the less-informed may cringe when they are offended by someone or something, the strong-minded advocate realizes that he or she has no desire to allow anyone to have that kind of power over their emotions.  If they understand the tactics of the politicians, and the basic foundation of the American System that we must return to, advocates can then realize it is all a game the politicians play, and then can protect themselves from being controlled by an unconstitutional and tyrannical government.

Politicians and anti-Constitution activist groups play upon our emotions to achieve their big government dreams.  They play on our fears, and throw at us a constant barrage of distractions to keep us off balance.  Without being fully knowledgeable about how the American System is supposed to function as per the Constitution, how can we possibly rebuff the attacks of those who seek to destroy our liberty?

Most Americans, once informed, do not want sweeping changes that give the government more power over our lives.  Once they realize the control mechanisms against the American people in programs like finance regulations, government assistance and subsidies, governmental meddling into the health insurance industry and health care system, and picking winners and losers in the private marketplace of ideas and businesses, it becomes apparent that the politicians, despite their promises, have no interest in what's best for Americans as much as they have interest in planning our lives with failed strategies that leads to more power for them in a totalitarian environment.

The politicians won't voluntarily abandon the path to tyranny.  The American People must lead them towards constitutional principles with strategic demands, and well-placed tactics.

The amazing thing about the truth is that once it is understood, those who know the truth come to the same conclusions.  Most people don't know what they don't know.  We've been pounded with false information our entire lives, so how can we possibly understand the miracle of Philadelphia in 1787 if we haven't even studied the U.S. Constitution in the first place?

Forces that stand against our constitutional government have been chipping away at it for over two centuries.  They have changed the face of American politics, and our government has been wounded and no longer resembles the system we were originally given which led to prosperity and this country becoming the greatest nation of its era.  It is time to mobilize the American Public, to demand a return to political responsibility, racial equality, and religious liberties - goals that can only be achieved if we are a Godly society, and one that returns to the principles and philosophies of the United States Constitution.  The first step, however, cannot begin until we are able to admit it won't be easy, but the battle must be engaged.  We simply cannot proceed without being educated about what kind of system we are striving for.  Constitutional literacy is a requirement if we are to succeed in the long war designed to return our country to its constitutional foundation.

Liberty is infectious.  Once we understand the principles of liberty, and that it takes a system based on individualism, self-reliance, strong family values, Godly virtues, and personal responsibility to achieve that liberty, then we can become effectual advocates, and achieve true change that greatly benefits our nation, our neighborhoods, and our people.

American Liberty leads to American Opportunity.  Our opportunities for ourselves, and our children, and those not yet born cannot be fully realized if we don't educate ourselves about the solutions that were penned for us by brilliant men during the founding of the United States.  We can be game changers.  The abuse of the government by politicians seeking more power can be stopped if only we realize it is happening, and that it can be stopped.  The problem has been raging for a long time in Congress, in the White House, and on the judicial benches.  It takes an active people to rein it in.  When tyrants become actively involved in changing America, the American People must unite to stop it.  That journey begins with education.

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