Saturday, March 04, 2017

Bucking Against Totalitarian Europe

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Brexit was the beginning of a sovereignty movement in Europe.  While the ruling elite dreams of a European superstate with professional politicians controlling the member countries for the sake of what is best for the European collective, a wave of sovereignty begun by the American Tea Party, and realized by President Donald J. Trump, continues to flow across the socialist European landscape.

In Europe, the European Union is an utter economic failure.  While the leftists in Europe are seeking the creation of a European Superstate, the "European Project" is not being received so well by those who support the sovereignty of their own countries.

Legislative leaders in Germany, Italy, France and Luxembourg have called for a European “Federal Union.”
The four representatives of the listed EU governments claim that there needs to be closer cooperation in Europe, and that the union of the European countries is essential for dealing with problems that no one European state is capable of handling without the force of the union behind it.

The issues listed includes immigration, terrorism, and climate change.

“Now is the moment to move towards closer political integration — the Federal Union of States with broad powers. We know that the prospect stirs up strong resistance, but the inaction of some cannot be the paralysis of all. Those who believe in European ideals, should be able to give them a new life instead of helplessly observing its slow sunset,” the letter calling for a European Superstate read.

The call for an elimination of national borders is occurring, however, as the disastrous policies of the European ruling elite is coming home to roost.

According to Zerohedge, The standoff over the Greek debt crisis is nowhere closer to an amicable resolution.  Germany’s deputy finance minister Jens Spahn said in an interview with German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk that Greece must not be granted a “bail in” that would involve creditors taking a loss on their loans, reiterating the German government’s opposition to debt relief for Athens, and confirming that when it comes to Europe’s recently adopted “bail-in” protocols, they “work” in theory, but certainly not in practice.

“There must not be a bail-in,” Jens Spahn said quoted by Reuters, adding that “we think it is very, very likely that we will come to an agreement with the International Monetary Fund that does not require a haircut,” he said, referring to losses that Greece’s creditors would have to take if debt was written off.

Many believed the Greece’s debt crisis was solved, but the country is facing a multi-billion euro payment and there is deep concern over its ability to hold up the deal.

Zerohedge says that the increasingly more unpopular Syriza party has been promising a debt haircut, despite Germany making it abundantly clear such an action would not take place. Greece faces €6 billion in bond payments on July 17 and 20, at which point the can will once again be kicked down the road, even if it means more unsustainable debt for the insolvent nation.

Meanwhile, the EU struggles to fight terror because of the immigration policies that foolishly invites millions of Muslim migrants into the European countries in the name of cheap labor, and fear of being anything that resembles the past fascists states.

Marine Le Pen of France, a politician that is rapidly rising in the polls as the elections near, is campaigning on removing France from “Totalitarian” European Union, and stopping the immigration policies that are crippling her country.

Her rise has encouraged many to call her the "female Trump of France.  The U.K. Express states that the Le Pen rhetoric has her in a position to possibly make a real run for the presidency of France.  She says she plans to reverse EU bureaucracy which has left France “enfeebled” and “cut off” from the world.

Speaking in Paris recently, she said, “It’s time for us to put an end to this bureaucratic monster that is the European Union. European countries are bound together in many ways, and this mandatory coalition is destroying individual member states.”

She has been telling voters that she vows not to allow her country to be “diminished, isolated, and wholly dependent on the EU”.

She has warned: “The European Union is not the solution, it’s the problem.”

EU nationalists are paving the way for a “new” Europe, she said.

She added: “I am thrilled to see that Europeans are speaking out against the Union, and calling for a Europe of nations. We will build a better Europe, whether Mrs Merkel and Mr Schulz like it or not.”

The question is, how hard is the liberal left ruling elite in Europe willing to fight back?

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