Monday, March 20, 2017

Documents Confirm Surveillance Against Trump Happened

Douglas V. Gibbs is reporting they have obtained credible information from law enforcement sources regarding individual records of U.S. citizens under National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance in the years 2004 through 2010 – a database that suggests both Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring during those years.

Sons of Liberty goes a step further:

At this point in time, the public does not yet know the contents of the documents delivered by President Trump’s DOJ to the House Intelligence Committee regarding the wiretapping incident, but presumably since the documents were sent by Trump’s team, it stands to reason that whatever was delivered to the House Intelligence Committee was in favor of Trump’s claims, not the other way around.
Throughout his time in office, Barack Obama associated with many political operatives who were real lowlifes, and who often walked a tightrope between the world of what was considered legal behavior (however, unethical), and what was considered criminal behavior. There’s an old saying I’m sure you’re familiar with that goes:
‘If you hang around the barbershop long enough, you’re going to get a haircut…’Are we about to learn next week that Obama got a haircut, and we’re all going to find out?
Surveillance has been used against Trump before, and Obama's leftist buddies are already willing to do anything to protect the socialist narrative of the Democrat Party.  Could what Trump has presented echo what InfoWars presented?

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