Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Erratic and Aggressive Driver near U.S. Capitol Apprehended

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The goofy leftist snowflakes, out of their mind Democrats, and the threat of Muslim terrorism is a reality during the era of the Trump Presidency.  A number of people, since the inauguration of Donald J. Trump last January have been apprehended trying to enter White House grounds, or while performing other potentially hazardous activities in the vicinity of the White House, or Capitol Hill.  In the most recent incident, a female driver attempted to hit several police officers near the U.S. Capitol before striking a vehicle.  The U.S. Capitol Police have apprehended the "erratic and aggressive driver".

As the officers tried to stop the vehicle, the driver pulled a U-turn and fled the scene, apparently striking another vehicle and nearly hitting officers. A brief pursuit ensued until the female suspect was stopped near the U.S. Botanic Garden and the Rayburn House Office Building.

Capitol Police fired shots in an attempt to stop the driver. No one was hit, according to police.

Capitol Hill staffers were advised by the police by email of the situation, and were asked to stay clear of the area. Some of the House office buildings in the vicinity were temporarily placed on lockdown during the incident.

No individuals were injured during the arrest of the woman.  Police have reported that while the incident appears to be criminal in nature, there is no nexus to terrorism.

The FBI are assisting Capitol Police at the scene. There is currently no clear indication of a motive, or whether this was an intentional act, according to the FBI.

The lockdown has been lifted, so the Capitol building is now open to the public, and all personnel involved with the apprehension of the woman have been cleared from the area.

The United States Capitol Police Criminal Investigations is handling the investigation.
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JG said...

Another disappointed left-wing "crazy" ?

The contrast between the actions of disappointed left wing liberals
(Trump Presidency) and the past President ( ole what's his name)
right wingers is truly a show (or loss) of American character