Sunday, March 19, 2017

From Maxim to White House Staffer to Congressional Candidate Equals Democrat Hypocrisy

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Alejandra Campoverdi is a lovely young woman who has a moving tale about how she went from being the child of a single mom who immigrated to the United States from Mexico, living in a tiny, low-income apartment that burst at the seams with members of her extended family with few resources, which made it necessary for them to use welfare and other programs like WIC and Medicaid, to a University of Southern California graduate with a Masters from Harvard, to joining the Obama White House as Special Assistant to the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and later becoming the first ever Deputy Director of Hispanic Media, to a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress in California's 34th District's special election coming up on June 6, 2017.

The thirty-seven year old's journey, according to her article in Cosmopolitan, has included time at Univision, and time as a model in order to help her pay for her college education at USC.  The young Democrat was determined, worked hard, and according to her article, she overcame sexism and misogyny that runs rampant through politics.  Her history as a model has exacerbated the problem of sexism against her, but Yahoo News gladly reprinted the article to show how brave the young woman was to overcome the attacks against her.  She modeled in her underwear, after all, for a good cause.  It was necessary to get where she needed to go as the daughter of a Mexican immigrant.

I don't mean to take away from Alejandra's story.  It is truly an inspiring story.  But, wasn't it not long ago that the Democrats who want us to feel warm about Alejandra's story from model to congressional candidate hammered on an immigrant who also modeled along the way, and now is First Lady of the United States?

Melania Trump's journey is also one of hardship and modeling along the path that led her to where she is today.  Now, despite that less-than-Christian background, she has grown, and is now an elegant First Lady that carries herself with class, and virtue.

People grow.  People change.  But, Melania was a target not so much because she used to be a model, but because she's married to Donald Trump, the new President of the United States, and he's hated by the liberal left because they've created a false narrative about him being some racist who hates immigrants. . . even though his wife is an immigrant.

Is that not Democrat hypocrisy?  How is it that the daughter of an immigrant who modeled when she was younger is an inspiring story of accomplishment, but the story of an immigrant who modeled when she was younger who happens to be a Republican (and now, a Christian) is somehow something to be mocked?

I am sure a whole slew of liberal left progressive socialist commie Democrat Party supporters will leave all kinds of distasteful comments on this article (most of which I will likely not be able to approve because of all of the profanity) slamming Melania some more.

Personally, I think they are just a bunch of hypocrites.  And, like Alejandra's tale, Melania's is inspiring as well.

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