Monday, March 27, 2017

March Madness: Kentucky Snowflakes Riot After Loss

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The younger generation can't handle losing.  Loss causes them to throw temper tantrums.

Successful people will tell you that they learned how to become successful by learning how to fail.  Failure is a part of our growth process as humans.  Failure is a reality we must learn to accept, and learn from, so that we can move beyond it.

The generation of participation trophies, however, doesn't understand that. . . and as a result, they are not prepared for it.

Sunday Night, in the NCAA Tournament, with less than a second left on the clock, a North Carolina player (Luke Maye, who got a standing ovation during his Monday classes) sank a jumper to give North Carolina a 75-73 win over the University of Kentucky - sending North Carolina to the Final Four.

While I will not say that all Kentucky students are snowflakes, a large number of Kentucky University snowflakes rioted following the loss.  They lit things on fire, and they stomped their feet like children while chanting “f--k UNC”.

Police had to show up in riot gear to contain the situation, put out the fires, and send the students home.

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