Monday, March 06, 2017

San Diego Trump Rally Draws More Than 500 Patriots

By Douglas V. Gibbs

While I was broadcasting on KMET 1490-AM last Saturday, many of my friends and fellow constitutionalists down here in Southern California went down to participate in a huge Pro-Trump Rally in San Diego.  Here's the report from one of my buddies:

Great day in San Diego, USA yesterday!  It was the best rally in San Diego EVER with about 500 motivated patriots attending the 3 hour rally at the beautiful Embarcadero Marina Park!  The American Spirit was off the charts.  We will definitely do it again soon and will make it even bigger and better.  Good coverage and photos from the SDUT below and other local media.  Only about 15 protesters showed up - young white anarchists in black clothes and bandanas.  A few of the women claimed to be witches and actually tried to cast spells on us.  Our people just laughed at them.   Our four armed security guards and a small wall of patriot men kept them well away from our rally crowd.  The young commies got tired and left after about an hour.  Someone joked they only got paid to protest for an hour.  They looked very defeated.  Pretty small market for far left socialism these days….

Special thanks to Amy Sutton, Dr. Gina Loudon, Brett Winterble (MC), New York Myke, Agnes Gibboney, Feras Jabro, Patti Siegmann, John Loudon, Raul Rodriguez, Dr. Melanie Berkholder, and Brenda Sparks for all of your amazing and motivational speeches.  And of course to the local Steve Antti Band and Matt Basson, and everyone who helped put this rally together behind the scenes.  It was a labor of love for all of us!

Keep your foot on the gas, Patriots!  We’re taking our country back one day at a time!  If we all stand together as Americans, they can never defeat us.
See posts and pictures here.  Spirit of America San Diego Rally:
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