Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Last Modern War

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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World War I erupted after a century of a relatively peaceful environment in Europe.  The bloodiest conflicts in the recent memory of those folks living during the turn of the Twentieth Century was the bloody civil war across the pond over State Sovereignty, and slavery, and the Spanish-American War that was a one-sided war that revealed to the world the military power the United States was becoming as the country emerged with far-flung overseas possessions, and a new stake in international politics.

The two World Wars in Europe are largely blamed on the pursuit of nationalistic interests of the countries involved.  The eruption of the First World War is often blamed on Serbia and the Slavs seeking their own national identity, which was blocked by the nationalistic demands of Austria-Hungary and Germany, a battle with Russia and France for political positioning, and the desire of the Ottoman Empire to hold its empire together.  World War II, an inevitable outcropping of the previous World War, was much of the same, adding revenge, and a craving for national greatness and political domination.

Despite what the truth really is, the leftist statists of our modern era are convinced that mutual cooperation and appeasement has kept the globe out of a new World War, one which would be more devastating, and destructive, than the two wars that were fought during the first half of the last century.

This is one of the reasons Donald Trump, Brexit, Marine Le Pen, and a renewed call for national identity by people in European countries has the liberal left establishment shaking in fear, and throwing around the "fascist" label when it comes to these people and movements.

Collectivism, however, in the manner in which it is being championed by the statists, is also in ingredient that can lead to communism. . . another monster of tyranny that lurks in the shadows of our fears.

In truth, the nationalism and socialism that has engineered a confrontation between the "right" and the "left" is not what will cause the next global war.  In truth, the liberal left composure of our world, and the blinding fear of nationalism, is what is setting us up for war because of a third component - one that nobody is willing to admit poses a danger.

As with World War I, one of the components that seems to always find a way to diminish its fingerprint despite the massive size of it is Islam.  In World War I, one of the powers allied with Austria-Hungary and Germany was the Ottoman Empire.  The Muslim caliphate escapes the for the start of the War to End All Wars, but the truth is, Islam's last great empire served as kindling and a catalyst.

In today's political climate, however, the opposite is happening.  Leftism is serving as the kindling and catalyst, causing the Western Powers to bicker among themselves, and be distracted from what is really going on, which is an invasion by a very patient Islamic jihad.  As we focus on the aggressive saber-rattling, and calculated moves of expansionism by countries like Russia, China, and North Korea, slowly, the demographics are changing in a number of countries at the hand of Islam.  Even in the face of violent terrorism and no-go zones, Western civilization refuse to recognize the danger within because we are too busy blaming ourselves for the last pair of world wars.  Fearful of nationalism, distracted by our historical enemies from the Cold War, and while we have been critical of those demanding protection of the native population from outside forces (because in the minds of the leftists that sounds way too much like the pursuit of a master race), we have left ourselves vulnerable, and unwilling to admit, to the presence of the Islamic jihad and the invasion by the followers of Muhammad into our lands.

Eventually, there will be a great war, but it won't be between European tyrants, western nationalists, and rioting socialists.  It will be a war fought because of the rising tide of Islamic control through a patient Muslim invasion of The West.   However, by the time we will be finally willing to realize that Islam is not the religion of peace, but the ideology of global domination, it will be nearly too late.  Billions will die.  The world will be devastated, and the destruction of the infrastructure of many of the nations will be cataclysmic, and at a level not seen in history, ever.

It's not a matter of if - it's a matter of when.  And, it will be a massive war that only the Hand of God will be able to shorten so as to spare us from the total annihilation of the human species.

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