Monday, April 03, 2017

Alex Ferguson has a Blog!!!

From left to right: Alex Ferguson, Ryan Kelly Murphy, Douglas V. Gibbs
By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Alex Ferguson has been on the air with me during my AM Radio broadcasts for a number of years.  We first met at the Sons of Liberty Aleworks in Norco, and we first broadcasted together on KCAA before moving over to where we currently have a program on KMET.

When I first met him, the first thing I learned is that Alex and technology doesn't get along too well.  Email has even been a challenge.  However, he has been moving along nicely, first with his website at, and now he has a blog at

This morning we are going to have an early lunch, and I am going to teach him the finer points of having a successful blog. . . after all, this blog, Political Pistachio, gets thousands of hits per day - I might know a thing or two about blogging.

Bookmark Conservative Cannonade.  Alex has a lot of great information, and now he's figuring out how to share it with the world!

By the way, to make sure he gets a strong launch, we will post here for a while the first paragraph of his blog posts, with a link back to his site.

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