Monday, April 24, 2017

From O'Reilly to Tucker Carlson

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I don't watch a lot of television. I mainly have a TV because I am an avid sports fan.  While I am not a regular viewer of the news networks, that does not mean I never watch them.  I am familiar with the various television personalities, and while I was not a huge fan of Bill O'Reilly, from my little perch I am convinced he was targeted for termination by the leftist establishment.

A number of women came forth, all at once (what a ka-wink-a-dink) to accuse O'Reilly of various charges of sexual misconduct.  O'Reilly may, or may not be, guilty of the various allegations of sexual improprieties, but it seems fascinating to me that the attacks were timed the way they were.  It almost seems like a coordinated attack.  Could it be that O'Reilly was beginning to touch too many chords, and dig in just a little too deep into what may be the truth, and the leftist establishment finally decided it was time to take him out?

That's what they did with Trump, isn't it?  Using sexual harassment as a way of trying to knock the man off of his perch?

When it came to Trump, I found it fascinating that the rich guy who could use his money to have any woman he wanted, and who owned a beauty pageant, and hung out with people close to magazines like Playboy, was never considered a sexist, and never had an accusation of sexual impropriety against him, until he decided to take on Hillary Clinton.

The leftist political establishment has no qualms about lying, and making up stories that were obviously birthed in a great big pile of cow dung.  The truth doesn't matter when it comes to character assassination, only the size of the allegation does.

I am a firm believer O'Reilly was set up.  But, for fear of losing viewers, or not holding up their values, O'Reilly is gone from Fox News, and Tucker Carlson has stepped into O'Reilly's slot.

To be honest with you, I like Tucker.  In many ways, the strategy to take down Fox News has turned against the liberal left Democrats.  Tucker Carlson is a much more potent host in the prime time slot on Fox News.

Next on the chopping block is probably Sean Hannity.  They tried to attack Rush Limbaugh (radio giant, not a Fox News guy) a few times, but he keeps coming out of it unscathed, so I think they learned their lesson with El Rushbo.  Glenn Beck didn't need to be attacked.  He went loony-tunes on his own, without any help.  While Beck still garners a sizable following, he's a shell of what he once was.  The attacks against people like Michael Savage are ongoing, and keeps people like him off-balance and fairly ineffective.  They want to be giant killers. They want to disrupt this whole thing they are convinced was a part of the reason Donald Trump got into the White House.  Hannity, therefore, one might reason, would then be the next target.

Hannity is huge on Fox News, and second only to Rush in the radio world (in terms of number of listeners) . . . and he was, and is, a big Trump supporter (which has the liberal left beside themselves).

I remember when the liberal left hammered Vice President Mike Pence for indicating he won't go to dinner with a woman without his wife present.  Watching what the leftists just did to O'Reilly, I think Pence's rule about not being around other women without his wife present is a smart one.  While the leftists were claiming Pence's rule was because he felt he couldn't control himself around women (in the liberal left's minds, all men are pigs, and potential rapists or molesters), or because he's trying to hold women back professionally (how dare the sexist pigs not allow women to use their wiles against them to move up the corporate ladder!), the reality is that his rule makes sense primarily because it is the best way to protect oneself against an assault like what O'Reilly was recently a victim of.

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