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In Defense of President Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Never Trump conservatives are worse than dealing with the liberals, sometimes.  Like leftists, they attack with profanity and ad hominen attacks.  On Facebook I've been having an interesting conversation with one in particular...


Gary Jackson You are insane. You Trumptards are America's greatest danger.

You believe every bullshit conspiracy that Alex Jones and his fellow moonbats throw out there.

Clare Green That's your opinion and I accept our difference of opinion. I refuse to call you names Gary Jackson and Gevevieve Robinson...

Gary Jackson No, it's an established fact at this point!

Especially now that Trump is aligning America with Muslim Hitler!

Clare Green You're being a drama queen. Cool down.

Gary Jackson No, Idiot, I refuse to "cool down" !

Trump inviting Turkey's newly minted murdering dictator to eat at OUR HOUSE is the equivalent of Franklin Roosevelt inviting Adolf Hitler over to congratulate him after his successful Night of the Long Knives!

Trump joined such august groups as HAMAS, the Muslim terrorist in congratulating this animal!

Of course Trump loves murderous dictators. In fact, he's a tad bit jealous!

Wise up, dumb ass!

Willy Glen I block all trumpers and enjoy every second of it.

Douglas V. Gibbs Wow, you never trump folks have really bought into the left's propaganda. Have you truly studied Trump? Have you read the art of the deal? Besides, if we as Americans were truly doing our job to keep the republic (remember, Benjamin Franklin said, "a republic, if you can keep it") it wouldn't matter who's in the White House. What are you doing to make this country better, other than bitching and complaining and calling people names on Facebook?

Gary Jackson Douglas V. Gibbs YEAH, I've "studied" Trump!

I've been NEVER TRUMP since the 1980's when that pig was viciously attacking Ronald Reagan, and the very economic policies that saved America!

Your god-king Trump was the "star witness" those Anti-American mongrels used to attack Reagan during bullshit Congressional hearings designed to attack Reagan, and the policies that not only saved America's economy, but created the longest period of economic growth in our nation's history!

Again, that idiot Trump was OPPOSED to Reagan's incredibly great policies!

Trump spent most of the 80's and 90's snorting coke and raping under age girls over at his CONVICTED PEDOPHILE buddy Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan apartment, and ripping off ever contractor, banker, and small business stupid enough to do business with him!

Oh, and filing bankruptcy ever third Monday!

In 2000 Trump ran for President as the nominee of the ULTRA LEFT WING Reform Party! He lost....big league!

Then the piece of shit became a 9/11 Truther, and started blaming Bush and calling for his impeachment.

All the while calling his buddy, and fellow child rapist, Bill Clinton....and I QUOTE "America's greatest president"!

Oh, and of course, becoming one of Hillary's top donors and loudest cheerleaders!

BTW, I love how you Trump cultists bring up "the left" without the slightest ounce of irony!

You idiots are leftists! Trump is a LIFELONG DEMOCRAT!

Trump is a BIG GOVERNMENT leftist pig!

The notion of a Republic has never entered his dementia rattled brain can't even comprehend Liberty and Freedom, two words that NEVER crossed Trump's lips during the campaign.

Trump is a vicious narcissistic sociopath who is using the presidency to make millions for his own bank account!

That pig sabotaged #FullRepeal because Ivanka's husband Jared and his brother Josh own a company, Oscar, that was created SPECIFICALLY to make millions (potentially BILLIONS) of ObamaCare!!

That is a CRIMINAL conflict of interest, and absolute grounds for impeachment!

BTW, dumb ass. ...ALL of Trump's adult children, and his ex-lesbian porn actress wife Melania are REGISTERED DEMOCRATS

Hell, Ivanka is best buddies with Chelsea Clinton!

Know where Ivanka and Chelsea were the morning after Daddy Dearest accepted the Republican nomination in Cleveland?

Throwing a democrat party fundraiser for Corey Booker, that's where!

Oh, and Ivanka, as well as Jared, have close ties to George Soros, just like dear old daddy Trump!

I bet you are such a dumb ass cultist that you don't know Soros has been Trump's business partner for decades, or that our new Treasury Secretary is Nazi Soros' HAND PICKED protégé!

Oh and "Mad Dog" Mattis is trying to place another Soros lackey in a top job at the Pentagon!

So yeah, moron.....I've "studied" Trump. Studied him for almost FORTY YEARS!

Maybe if idiots like you had "studied" Trump, we wouldn't have this filthy pig in the White House!

We needed a reasonable competent human being as POTUS, not a coke addled, pussy grabbing, child raping, left wing Statist, Reality TV show presenter!

You know, you could duct tape a muskrat on a monkey's ass and teach it to look like a dipshit and say "you're fired" and do it with more class than your god-king Trump!

I've had it with you idiots!

You are America's greatest threat!

Poster children for requiring a minimum IQ level before someone is allowed to vote!

The democrats put up their shittiest candidate in history, a sure win for anyone with a pulse, and you retards chose Trump, who not only lost the popular vote, but barely eked out an electoral victory!

If I voted for Trump I would be too ashamed to show myself in public, let alone actually admit it. Never mind coming to his defense!

You Trump cultist put idolatry of this prick over God and Country. Party over principle.

You have no honor. You have no soul!

Douglas V. Gibbs: Gary Jackson, thanks for the foaming at the mouth, profanity-laden response. I am not a Trump cultist. I hold all presidents to the standard of the United States Constitution. While I am not fond of the fact that we only have a two party system, I recognize the fact that it is a part of our human nature. So, logic dictated voting for Trump, not because I am some mindless automaton, but because he was heads and tails the better of the two candidates. I have watched the man go through many changes and periods of growth since I have been paying attention to him. He first caught my attention when he bought the New Jersey Generals in the USFL. Has he said and done things that are not consistent with who he is trying to be now? Absolutely. David Horowitz used to be a communist. Andrew Breitbart began as a hard left Democrat. Ronald Reagan signed a pro-abortion bill into law as governor of California. I am sure you are not now who you once were. In between the name calling you keep talking about what was, and not what is. Did you know that James Madison was a big government guy going into the 1787 constitutional convention, but by the end of the convention had a belief system more like Thomas Jefferson's? When you look at Trump's history, look at his business strategies, his negotiation skills. Also, I am a firm believer that he did not lean liberal or conservative when he decided to run for President in this last election. He just knew that Obama's presidency was a travesty, and he was pissed the Republicans weren't standing firm on immigration and Islam. So, he entered the race to draw attention to those issues. I, actually, did not like him as a candidate. I, originally, was a Scott Walker supporter. After Walker dropped out I really didn't like any of the remaining candidates. Anyway, Trump's no bullcrap attitude, and willingness to take it to his opposition struck a chord with the American people. He got popular, and the Democrats and leftist establishment went nuts on him. They, the left-wing establishment, literally threw him into the arms of conservativism, and he learned from it. Through it all he became more conservative, and gravitated towards conservatives and Christians. In short, he is learning to be who, deep down, in many ways, he already was. As for his dealings with Democrats, and more specifically, the Clintons, in the's what you learn when your job is to separate money from people. Republicans and democrats both have money, so, for the sake of business, you schmooze with all of them. Do I worship at the alter of Trump? Of course not. I am not a, how did you put it? Trumper? I am a constitutionalist who is constantly working to get this country back on a constitutional trajectory, and to be honest, we have a better chance of that with Donald Trump than we would have with Hillary Clinton. So, rather than attack Trump as the enemy, as you do, I would rather work to encourage him to move in a direction consistent with the U.S.Constitution.

Gary Jackson Trump was still a democrat the day he declared his run as a Republican.

And how DARE you compare that filthy animal to Reagan!

Reagan was always a CONSERVATIVE and only joined the GOP because the democrats, Trump's party...had just gone to far left!

Trump STILL believes is the same left wing Big Government Anti-American bullshit he has ALWAYS believed in, you blithering idiot!

And spare me the binary choice and "but Hillary" horseshit!

Only a mindless idiot would think, if Hillary was bad...somehow her best buddy, long time donor and loudest cheerleader, and of course FELLOW LIFE LONG DEMOCRAT, would somehow be better!

That industrial strength stupid! Criminally stupid, in fact!

Trump is a pig. He is mentally unstable and is aligning us with a murdering Muslin animal who wants to reconstitute the Ottoman Empire and create a world wide Caliphate!

End evidently, it's because Trump has one if his shitty hotels in Istambul!

Millions will die, but who cares! Yeah Trump!

Two major entities congratulated that animal on his recently stolen election. Trump...and HAMAS!

You are an idiot of the highest order, and most certainly a mindless zombie cultist.

No decent human would even attempt to defend Trump and his shit show!

Seriously, it's like a goddamned reality TV show! There hasn't been a single day without a scandal or major turmoil or BOTH!

We haven't even hit 100 days of this clown show yet!

Know what REALLY pisses me off? The Sweet Meteor of Death broke it's promise and passed Earth by in November!

At least that offered humanity a sliver of hope for some relief!

America is finished.

Thanks to a bunch of raving lunatics for fell for a left wing con man!

The party of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan is dead. Highjacked by a bunch of Alt Right White Nationalist Nazis, and idiots too stupid to pay attention to what all that means!

There is a special place in Hell for everyone who cast a vote for Trump and handed America to Satan!

You could say Hail Mary's from now until the end of time but it ain't gonna help!

Now piss off dumb ass, and take your idiotic "binary choice" rationalization for pure evil with you!

Douglas V. Gibbs: Gary Jackson, the hateful rhetoric you use is not necessary, but actually reveals a lot. While Reagan said the Democrat party left him, reality is that he grew, realized the Democrats were who they were, but chose his words carefully so as to try and bring a few Democrats with him. Ever since Andrew Jackson the Democrats have stood against the Constitution, while smiling and saying otherwise. Only Kennedy broke the mold on a handful of issues. As for Lincoln, he was a racist progressive who took advantage of the abolitionist movement and the War Between the States to drastically move the U.S. away from the Constitution. I find it fascinating that you stick to your Trump is a liberal screamfest, while Trump has largely made conservative decisions and surrounded himself with a large number of conservatives and Christians. Would he not, by now, if he was who you say he was, have surrounded himself with leftwing nuts? Sure, he's not batting a thousand, and other than Coolidge, we have not ever had a 100% conservative and constitutional on everything republican president. That said, even if Trump was what you say, do YOU really believe Hillary Clinton would not have been worse? I find your lack of logic and failure to realize we had a "one or the other" choice disturbing. I actually had to severe a professional relationship with my former co-host on my radio program because of his anti-trump ravings on the program and on my website...not because I disagreed with him, but because he used the same kind of hateful language and rhetoric you use. If he would have practiced a more reasonable style of arguing his point, it would have been different. But, like you, he used an out of his mind hateful rhetoric when talking about Trump and to be honest, using that kind of approach won't change minds, it will only drive people away. In short, sometimes it's not what you say, it's how you say it. As for Trump inviting any Muslim leader to the White House, that is simply protocol when dealing with world leaders. Jefferson invited a Muslim leader to the White House when he was President and he was fully aware of the danger Islam presented. For many reasons it is necessary in politics to make a show one attempted a reasonable path of verbal discourse, especially when dealing with a left-wing media that will hammer on any chance to attack him...especially when there are people out there like you who falls for all of the leftist reporting.

Clare Green Oh good grief.... how you do go on.

Gary Jackson You are a complete idiot!

Calling Lincoln a "racist" is beyond the pale and shows that you don't know any thing about Lincoln.

It's pretty sure that you don't know shit from Shinola!

This isn't just some random Muslim Trump is cozying up to! This is a murdering pig who just STOLE an election, according not only to the opposition, but every single international organization that observed the election. An election, referendum, actually, that makes him an absolute dictator!

Oh, and this monster wants to revive the Ottoman Empire! A worldwide Muslim Caliphate.

Obviously you are too stupid to comprehend what that means!

It means millions of innocent people killed if this animal succeeds, and with Trump and raving lunatic cultists like you helping him along, he just might!

But hey, at least Trump Tower in Istanbul is safe!

BTW, dumb ass. Jefferson's day, America was dealing with Islamic terrorism too! Our very first war as a new nation was against Islamic terrorism!

America's Navy and Marines would do what no other nation do, and STOP Islamic terrorism on the high seas!

This heroic feat is memorialized in the Marine Corps Hymn!

Read up on the Barbary Pirates!

Learn things, idiot!

Clare Green I never called Lincoln an idiot. Check your facts.

Gary Jackson I was responding to your buddy who DID call Lincoln a racist! He is a dumb ass of the highest order.

A degenerate Trump cultist, complete ignoramus!

Clare Green We disagree. That's it. I've read the things you're referring to and it's my constitutional right to have my own and separate opinions. Freedom of speech. I respect that you are brainwashed!!

Clare Green Gary Jackson I refuse to sink to your level.

Gary Jackson I love how knowing the TRUTH is being "brainwashed" to a Trump cultist!

Even more hilarious is that you wrote that with no sense of irony whatsoever.

Bravo sister...B.R.A.V.O.!

You Trumphumpers are fascinating. Dangerous and stupid, but fascinating!

Gary Jackson Honey, you could never RISE to my level!

You voted for Trump. You joined hands with Lucifer himself.

You own this betrayal of not only America, but all of mankind.

Clare Green Rize???? HA1

Clare Green IDK what you call me, ok!

Gary Jackson Pretty obvious you are incapable of coherent conversation. Typical Trumpanzee!

Clare Green Rise.

Clare Green Lucifer...Oh please, Drama Queen.

Gary Jackson You nutters are no different than your fellow democrats!

Gary Jackson I don't count off for spelling!!

Especially these days!

Clare Green I'm gone. We obviously disagree and that's that.

Gary Jackson Well....bye!

Or....better yet, maybe you could stick around, engage in intelligent conversation and learn a few things!

Clare Green I've learned how bitter you are. That's enough for me. I'm not engaging with you anymore. All you do is insult and assume things about me that just aren't true. So...Bye!!!

Clare Green Have a great day!

Gary Jackson Anyone who loves America and well, the human race is angry!

I'm not bitter, I am PISSED OFF!

Clare Green Have a great day!

Gary Jackson My days are always great! I'm not burdened with Albatross of having voted for Trump!

Douglas V. Gibbs  Educate yourself: . . .,9171,44563,00.html . . . I work, by the way, in many fields, one of them being for racial equality. While I have told people that Lincoln was in many ways a good many in a very unenviable position, his progressive and racist opinions have been pushed down by historians so as to portray him as a hero. He was simply the President during the Civil War, and he used his position to increase the power of the federal government in an unconstitutional manner. As we discussed, regarding Trump, people can change, and I hope that was the case for Lincoln before his assassination - but his legacy was to strip the States of their sovereignty, and to change the country from "the United States are" to "the United States is." Many of my colleagues hold Lincoln in high esteem, and I am in no way saying he was evil, but, he did use the abolition movement to move America in a more Hamiltonian direction, not the country created by the Framers who believed in laissez faire. Sorry you want to call me an idiot, I am nothing of the sort. Ad hominen attacks seem to be all you are capable of. If you have contrary evidence, feel free to share it. I am deeply educated in American History and the principles and philosophies of the United States Constitution. I welcome your challenges.


what is sad about it is that we agree on everything except Trump, and that's enough for him to be my enemy, rather than ally.  The situation is what it is.  He's not going to change it.  And working against Trump is working against any chance for us to not head into what Obama and Hillary wanted for this country.

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