Friday, April 28, 2017

Maxine Waters' Own Nepotism

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

From Day One the Democrats have been slamming Trump about how corrupt it is for Donald Trump to have his presidency surrounded by members of his family.  Heck, he even hired his daughter Ivanka as an "unpaid" assistant.

Among those Democrats slamming Trump for his nepotism in the presidency is Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the hard left Democrat who represents a portion of the Los Angeles area.

There is this funny little thing about Maxine Waters, however.  It seems that she has also used her position in government to get "her" daughter a job, and Maxine's daughter's silver spoon performs a gigantic show of revealing how much of a hypocrite Waters, like the rest of her fellow Democrat buddies, truly are.

The daughter of Maxine Waters is Karen Waters. Karen has earned more than $600,000 working for Maxine’s campaign, which runs on public donations.
According to Tea Party News: Karen Waters has been on the payroll of her mother’s campaign committee, Citizens for Waters, since 2006. Karen oversees a gravy-chain operation called “slate mailers,” also known as “endorsement mailers.” The slate mailer operation is a lucrative enterprise where an established politician like Maxine Waters gets paid to endorse a political candidate. 
The mailers are sent to 200,000 residents in South Central Los Angeles, a district Waters represents. FEC filings show that Maxine Waters’ campaign scored almost $300,000 from these slate-mailer endorsements in 2016, the Free Beacon reported. Karen Waters was paid $70,000 to run her mom’s slate-mailer operation last year. 
New FEC filings show that Maxine Waters is set to pay her daughter another $108,000 for her services. Once this payment is made, Karen will have hauled in $750,000 for running her mom’s slate-mailer campaign since 2006.
Congresswoman Waters has been hypocritically trashing President Trump for being “corrupt” because he has his kids helping him in the White House.  Yet, she has been secretly using her political position to help her daughter and husband pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

Maxine Waters, usually a great source for really bad and seemingly stupid quotes (In February, a blithering Waters claimed Vladimir Putin had invaded Korea and she couldn’t remember what Aleppo was ... it’s the war-torn city in Syria that’s the epicenter of the refugee crisis) has been among the primary combatants of opposition against President Donald J. Trump, and she has vowed to obstruct Trump as much as possible, and has promised to impeach him.

Never mind that even lame-brain Nancy Pelosi has enough sense to recognize and concede that the president has committed no impeachable offenses.

Maxine Waters’ career highlights include being rated one of the “most corrupt” members of Congress in 2005, 2006, and 2008 by the George Soros-funded liberal watchdog CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

In 2008, Waters was charged with three counts of ethical violations after allegedly helping OneUnited Bank secure $12 million in federal bailout funds while hiding the fact that her husband owned stock in the bank.

One is not sure which is worse.  Her corruption, her lack of sense, her hypocrisy, or her devotion to an ideology soaked in communist roots.  I suppose I could choose "E", all of the above.

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