Monday, April 24, 2017

Multiple Blue Cities Suffer Power Outages

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Multiple cities have been hit with power outages.  One wonders what the cause may be.  The outages occurred around the same time, leaving many to speculate that foul-play may be playing a part in the multi-city blackouts.  Officials consider the power outages a coincidence, but have yet to offer an explanation for them.

In San Francisco, a fire at a substation is being blamed.  The causes in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York have yet to be determined.  New York was the first of the string of power outages.

The loss of electricity for a matter of hours was an inconvenience.  A disruptive moment in an otherwise busy day.  But, what if those outages were to last for days.  Weeks.  Months.

We have 21st Century technology sitting on 19th Century electricity grid technology.  The ease in which our electrical grids can be taken down is frightening.  The Mexican Drug Cartels have taken down complete regions in Mexico, so what would stop them, or Islamic terrorists, from doing the same in the United States?

While I am not suggesting the recent outages were some kind of terrorist attack, or dry run for one, we must ask, "Are we sure that it wasn't?"

Our entire lives depend upon the electricity we take for granted.  Our devices, our communication, and our jobs all depend on the wonder of technology, and the electricity that runs it.  A loss of electricity for an extended period of time would be devastating, and likely cause more trouble than a direct attack on our shores by military vessels, because it wouldn't take long before the squabbles among ourselves, and then the desperation to feed ourselves as refrigerated foods go sour, turns our civilized social order into chaos and violence, and ultimately, internal collapse.

I wonder how many people are truly prepared for such an event.  Here in California, we live in earthquake country, and it should be something everyone is prepared for. . . but sadly, few are.

Of course, after watching the Oroville Dam nearly flood a town because the Democrats in this State pumped money into benefits for illegal aliens, a bullet train, and paying for the high wages and pensions of government employees as demanded for by the public unions, rather than into repairs for the most critical parts of our infrastructure, one wonders if the power outages are just another symptom, and consequence, of failed liberal left Democrat Party policies in the big cities affected by the blackouts.

"Besides," one liberal left-winger told me recently, "why would California pump money into a dam to protect against spillage when we know that California is in a 50-year drought?  Scientific consensus says so."

Then how, pray tell, do they explain the rain we got here in California over the few months covering late fall, and through winter?

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