Friday, April 07, 2017

No Snowflakes Wanted

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I spent thirteen years in the construction industry, and another six years driving a sand and gravel big rig ("transfer" for those of you in the industry).  After nineteen years around an industry that demands production and no whining, the image pictured left (of which my nephew, Branden, sent to me) is pretty funny, to me.  I remember the handful of "snowflakes" we received in the industry.  They didn't last long, and when I was a crew chief, they didn't like me.  I expected them to work as hard as I did.  Pull your weight, or go home.

There were two kinds of employees when I was in construction.  Those who were hard workers, and were willing to work through the pain, or difficult environments, when necessary, and those who could not stand me as their boss.

Man up, snowflakes.  Quit crying.  In the real world everybody does not get a participation trophy, and lazy, whining, pieces of crap like you who flip out when they don't get their way will not be tolerated.

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