Thursday, April 06, 2017

North Korea: China's Pet?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Juan Williams opened up one of the segments on Fox News' show, The Five, about North Korea, and Trump receiving the leader of China as a visitor.  I got a kick out of one of the exchanges regarding this segment because the conservatives of the group nailed it.  After Williams described how Trump wants to talk to China about talking to their neighbor, North Korea, about the threats they've been making, Greg Gutfield, who I am almost always a fan of when he speaks, had a great metaphor to throw into the conversation.

The Five's Greg Gutfield:  "Trump (talking to China) is going across the street to talk to the family in their neighborhood to complain that their pet (North Korea) is never on a leash."

Response by Kimberly Guilfoyle:  Yeah, but the pet is Cujo, not Benji.


I am not sure the political class has figured out if China is The Munsters (scary-looking, but harmless), or Colin Farrell's character in the Fright Night remake (convincing everyone they are harmless, but in the end are truly very destructive and evil), though.

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