Sunday, April 30, 2017

Riverside Conservative Conference Attracts Protesters

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I arrived shortly after 9:30 am to set up my Constitution Association table.  I've spoken with a number of folks I know, including names you may know...

Evan Sayet, Hugh Hewitt, and Larry Elder.

Dennis Prager is also among our speakers.  I met him a few years ago.  There are few more passionate about conservatism and Israel, than is Prager.

Setting up the table worked out nicely, and I've already sold a few books.  While going back out to the parking lot to get my name tag, however, I noticed a long line of folks waiting to come in, and on the sidewalk, a dozen, or so, protesters.


And the problem is, they want us silenced.

Trump is a liar, according to the protesters, and conservatives are to be reviled.  I was shouted at, but didn't hear what was being said.

Liberal leftism is an ideology of anger and rage.

So much for their so-called tolerance.

Personally, it isn't conservatives acting violently in places like Berkeley, and doing what they can to silence the opposition.  It is the liberal left practicing fascist techniques to silence their opposition.

Pictures of the event are forthcoming.

Stay Tuned.

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