Saturday, May 06, 2017

Conservative Voice Radio: Leftist Lies

8:00 am: Conservative Voice RadioKMET 1490-AM, every Saturday morning, hosted by Douglas V. Gibbs, and Glenn, Jan, and Diane of the Banning/Beaumont/Cherry Valley Tea Party.

This morning's topics:

• DNC Chairman Tom Perez: No Human Being is Illegal.
• Deceptive Attacks against FOX News in an attempt to silence free speech and freedom of the press
• SB-18: California's Children's Rights Bill that deceptively takes away parental rights
• SB-54: California's Sanctuary State bill that seeks to violate all constitutional federal immigration laws
• SB-1: Gas Tax in California that deceptively claims it is for infrastructure improvements
• Trump and H1B Visas
• No Repeal, No Wall?
• White House Correspondence Dinner goes Trumpless

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