Saturday, May 20, 2017

Constitution Radio: Enemy of Enemies, Friends of Friends

Constitution Radio 
with Douglas V. Gibbs
KMET 1490-AM
Saturdays at 1:00 pm Pacific

Two hours of Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490-AM begins at 1:00 pm Pacific (live).  Catch the program online at KMET 1490-AM, or the podcast later on Sound Cloud.

Here's today's AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:
  • Sickness of Killing Babies
  • Sickness of Sexual Deviation
  • Sickness of Political Corruption
  • Sickness of Appeasement to Islam
  • Sickness of Mob Rule

  • Sickness of Misinformation
  • Sickness of Democrat Party Smoke and Mirrors

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