Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Waning Days of Trump Derangement Syndrome

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Washington Times reports that the raging snowflakes, and the foaming at the mouth by Americans of the Democrat Party persuasion, from a psychological viewpoint, may be coming to an end.
During the 2016 presidential election, there was much talk in the press about “pre-election stress disorder,” “post-election stress disorder,” “collective stress,” “election anxiety,” “Trump trauma” and other conditions found among Americans who were dithering over the election itself, and the unexpected victory of President Trump. 
Therapists offered advice. Democrats ramped up angry rhetoric. Safe spaces were all the rage. So what’s the prognosis these days — over 17 weeks into Mr. Trump’s presidency?
None other than the American Psychiatric Association has polled the nation on the subject of toxic politics. Here’s what they found: 
“Americans are split on whether they are anxious about the impact of politics on their lives (51 percent are, 49 percent are not),” reports the organization. “However, relatively few, 16 percent, say they are extremely anxious and that number is fairly consistent among all age groups, income levels, and among Caucasians, blacks and Hispanics. 
“Democrats reported heightened levels of anxiety about the impact of politics on daily life — 62 percent of Democrats are extremely/somewhat anxious about the impact, compared to 44 percent of Republicans,” the APA said. 
The group also found that Americans are edgy about a few other things.
The speech in Saudi Arabia helped.  Afterward, my Democrat Party acquaintances were stunned.  Who was that guy who gave that speech?  It couldn't have been the hated Donald Trump.

The speech was one thing the liberal left press could do nothing about, and so the real Trump, not the one they had been painting with broad strokes of a very biased brush, took full advantage.  He received praise for the speech from both sides (well, the WaPo was not happy, along with many in the leftist media, and MSNBC was showing soccer during his speech).

Even the hardcore nutcake politicians are backing off with their "impeachment" calls.

I am not holding my breath when it comes to the conservative nevertrump crowd, or the radical wing of Marxists in the Democrat Party (well, okay, perhaps that segment is larger than we thought), but the average person, I think, is saying, "You know, maybe the anger has been a little over the top.  That speech was not what I expected."

That said, people like Maxine Waters, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi (and the rest of the crazy crew) will continue to flip out and try and sabotage Trump's presidency.  Their Marxist agenda is too important for them to let up on it.  In the case of Obama, the evidence he was illegal spying on Americans is piling up, and him trying to upstage Trump by coincidentally visiting Europe at the same time is a story that recently broke.

Oh, and there's still no evidence of Trump's campaign colluding with the Russians during the election. . . because it's all a load of poppycock used as a desperate last ditch attempt by the Democrats to get their power back.

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