Tuesday, June 06, 2017

CNN Stages Anti-Islam Protest

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The liberal left is desperate to protect their narrative.  They want you to believe the idea that Islam is not the problem, it's just a bunch of people who have hijacked the religion.  But, even if that was the case, that would still leave millions upon millions of jihadists roaming the world seeking to commit violent terrorism.

The crowd of Muslim protesters standing against ISIS reported by CNN was just a few folks, and according to a video uploaded on Twitter, it was staged.  CNN anchor Becky Anderson played the game well, standing to one side while police and TV producers assist a group of Muslim women to assemble a makeshift memorial featuring flowers and protest signs.

“Look at all the people around me here, behind me here, sad about last night but hopeful for tomorrow,” Anderson says in the news clip.

“On the left here, Londoners came to help hurt, behind me you can see a sign here, hashtag ‘turn to love’, hashtag ‘for London’, hashtag ‘ISIS will lose’, and flowers left in remembrance of those who left their lives.”

The video quickly went viral after it was picked up by prominent conservative social media personalities.

Media website Mediaite said it “depends on one’s perspective” whether to describe it as “fake news or fake outrage”. “For those not familiar with live news production, it is actually not that uncommon for hosts and producers to arrange protesters or pedestrians behind reporter to provide a varied background,” Colby Hall wrote.

The coverage was in response to the recent London terrorism in which seven people were killed and 48 injured.  Islamic terrorists used a van to mow down pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing spree in the popular Borough Markets.

The three attackers were shot dead within minutes of police arriving on scene of the attack, for which Islamic State has claimed responsibility. British police arrested 12 people in connection with the plot on Sunday.

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