Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Colin Kaepernick Black-Balled by NFL Owners?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Colin Kaepernick, a currently unemployed NFL quarterback, seems to be best known by his social protests which included refusing to stand for the National Anthem in support for Black Lives Matter, or other extremist Black Nationalist Marxist causes.  It has been suggested by sports commentators that Kaepernick remains unsigned as a result of his political protests and stances.  Could it be that Kaepernick's social activism is considered a distraction, or could it be that owners such as the Jets owner who has no good quarterback and a good relationship with President Trump won't bring Kaepernick on board because of his political views?

Technically, Colin's play on the field should be the primary factor regarding if to bring him on the team, but when you have a full roster, the ability for the player to play with a team and insert easily into the chemistry must be a factor, as well.  Kaepernick had every right to do as he did, but reality dictates that it is possible there may be consequences to those actions.  Human nature, after all, is what it is.

That all said, I wonder if those same sports reporters questioning if Kaepernick is without a team because of his political stances and activism were critical when ESPN let go of Curt Schilling for his political stances?  Do they rail against Hollywood for blacklisting conservatives?  Do they have a problem with the liberal bias of the news media?

While political reasoning for striking out against conservatives, republicans, or supporters of Trump is acceptable to these people, the possibility of Kaepernick receiving similar treatment for being a leftist somehow deserves top coverage and is considered reprehensible. . . when the reality might actually be that Kaepernick is without a contract because he sucks as a quarterback.

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Dale Day said...

He3's not getting a team because his play sucks. He has no business in the NFL.