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The Killing of Otto Warmbier Reveals Reality of Leftism

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Leftism always ends in starvation and/or murder (be it among the citizenry, or by government forces).


Venezuela has shown us this, and North Korea has shown us this. Detroit shows us this. California is on its way.

How long after California institutes its utopian schemes that the whole State will look like Detroit, and the people will be begging for a roll of toilet paper and just a small morsel of food like in Venezuela?

Otto Warmbier shows us how unacceptable leftism is.  His death shows us what leftism becomes if it is allowed to reach the outer limits of its logical conclusion.  Even worse, while he was imprisoned and facing the inevitable path to death, the liberal left in America mocked him.

Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore began one of his shows with an eight-minute festival of mockery that accepted the North Korean regime’s version of events, mocked Warmbier’s anguished tears, and even posted a graphic calling him an “ass” — based on the initials of a fictional fraternity.

And the crowd laughed.

Huffington Post?  They attacked the kid too.  And, after Warmbier's death, mocked him some more.  How dare he make the Democrat Party's Marxist brothers in North Korea look bad...

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La Sha wronte: "What a mind-blowing moment it must be to realize after 21 years of being pedestaled by the world simply because your DNA coding produced the favorable phenotype that such favor is not absolute. What a bummer to realize that even the State Department with all its influence and power cannot assure your pardon. What a wake-up call it is to realize that your tears are met with indifference. As I’ve said, living 15 years performing manual labor in North Korea is unimaginable, but so is going to a place I know I’m unwelcome and violating their laws. I’m a black woman though. The hopeless fear Warmbier is now experiencing is my daily reality living in a country where white men like him are willfully oblivious to my suffering even as they are complicit in maintaining the power structures which ensure their supremacy at my expense. He is now an outsider at the mercy of a government unfazed by his cries for help. I get it."

What?  Did she really compare life in the United States to a North Korean labor camp?

The Democrats have created a false narrative that astounds.  As my good friend Arkady, who grew up in the Soviet Union, once told me about an experience he had with a "poor person" in America complaining about being in poverty.  He told her, "You have change on the counter, a full meal on the table, a car in the driveway and a television in the living room.  And you think you have it hard?  In my family we had one pair of shoes, and they were dad's so that he could go to work."

The liberal left in America believe the North Korean refugees are liars, and Warmbrier had it coming because he was white.  They mock because they don't want you to realize that North Korea is America's future, someday, if we continue down the path of leftism.  History proves it.  Time after time, in history, leftism never stops progressing towards total government control, and every time the control is reached, conditions like Venezuela happens, genocide like under Stalin happens, hunger and fear like in North Korea happens.

The National Review tells us that there was also a mocking story on Salon's website (since deleted), and there were multiple mocking tweets.  And, as the writer at National Review wrote, "These outlets, while undeniably leftist, are hardly fringe. Larry Wilmore is a much-celebrated, mainstream liberal comic. The Huffington Post is one of the most trafficked websites in America. Citing these outlets is hardly like pulling up an obscure online pamphlet from a five-person revolutionary cell in Brooklyn."

Yesterday I had a person cut me off on the roadway, not allowing me to move over to the right lane, speeding up and slowing down to keep me out of their lane, and then finally when I rolled down my window, they screamed at me expletives and made references to my "racist" Tea Party bumper sticker in my window.  Roadway middle fingers and profanity is a norm here in California if you dare let it out that you are not a hard-left Democrat socialist.  I adjust and move on.  I could really care less about the idiots, but the reality is that the liberal left does not see our division in this country as a simple difference of political opinion.  It is a war that they are willing to cause harm to the opposition regarding.

In Santa Monica a pro-Trump activist was stabbed nine times for daring to disagree with the leftist agenda.

A recent terrorist attack in Michigan by leftist allies that perform Islamic jihad has been hardly covered by the biased media, CBS News Scott Pelley blamed the Republicans for the shooting at the Congressional Baseball Practice in Virginia.

The radicals mix with the liberals, and the liberals empower the radicals, because they are one and the same.

Snowflakes are burning down campuses in the name of Democrat Party leftism, free speech is being pushing into "safe zones" due to Democrat Party leftism, Republicans and their allies are being physically attacked by Democrat Party leftists, Black Lives Matter is spreading hate and racism in the name of Democrat Party leftism, and the death of Otto Warmbier at the hands of the communists in North Korea was mocked and it was said he had it coming by the shouting fanatics of Democrat Party leftism.

We, the Patriotic Americans who love the Constitution and defend liberty have been told this is a political disagreement, and we believe that muck.  In reality, the left uses war tactics, war strategies, and war language.  They are willing to commit acts of war, and champion those who wish to kill us.  This is not a political disagreement, this is a war, and until conservatives understand that, the liberal left will continue to become more vicious and more dangerous.

It's time to take all of this seriously.

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