Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Mueller Enigma and the Age of Vengeance

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The information pile of false B.S. regarding the false case against the Trump Administration regarding Russia is so massive, I am tempted to call the distraction seeking a crime a whole new name, "The Mueller Chronicles."  The lawyers and personnel surrounding Mueller reminds me more of a hit squad than a legal team.  Maybe it will make a great new Marvel Movie, "Guardians of the Left-Wing: The Age of Vengeance."

Mueller is a prosecutor and investigator trying to find a crime where one does not exist.  That said, despite the fact that Mueller's background is filled with cooperation with the Clintons and their minions (including Comey), firing Mueller would be a disaster for Trump because it would look like he's trying to kill the investigation.  For some, that would be seen as an indirect admittance of guilt, and confirmation of Comey's accusation.  Never mind the fact that collusion as alleged is not technically a crime.  As for the obstruction of justice charge, that's a massive "he said she said" situation that has no evidence, and is based on the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey who has given false testimony before, and therefore, cannot be trusted to be honest.

Mueller is getting an assist from the media, to boot, with false stories with false narratives in the hopes of making the court of public opinion believe the tall pile of manure, and remember the crap long enough that it will affect the next few elections.

In short, it is all a great big cover-up, designed to distract America and the GOP from discovering the truth as evidence is destroyed by the liberal left regarding the true crimes committed by people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Podesta. . . and so on and so on; and the hope is to remain a threat against the pesky Republicans that the Democrats sincerely hope will be gone by next election, allowing the Democrats to continue their socialist overthrow of the Constitution of the United States uninterrupted, as was the case during the Obama regime.

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