Monday, June 19, 2017

The World the Clintons Built

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The current battle with Democrats intent to convince America that Trump has committed crimes that does not exist is the ultimate cover-up.  It was the Democrats who did what they are now trying to project.  It has been the the Democrats who have sold America to her enemies.  While the Democrats claim the Russians suddenly love Republicans, it is the Democrats who have always had a connection with the communists that infest our traditional enemy.  While the Democrats wish to convince Americans that members of the Trump administration, and perhaps Trump himself, are traitors to the United States, it has been the Democrats that have truly been the party of treason.  The Clintons, in particular, have benefited greatly through relationships with our enemies - be they Russia, China, Iran, or Islam in general.

President Bill Clinton gave away our advantage, selling advanced U.S. missile technology to our enemy, the People’s Republic of China, and orchestrating a "voluntary release of all the secrets of America’s nuclear tests, combined with the systematic theft of the secrets that were left as a result of its lax security controls, [which] effectively wiped out America’s technological edge,” David Horowitz wrote in The Black Book of the American Left Volume 7: The Left in Power: Clinton to Obama.

The Clinton administration accepted millions of dollars from the military and intelligence services of at least one hostile foreign power in exchange for illegal campaign contributions from a massive totalitarian country determined to eclipse the U.S. as a world superpower.

President Clinton also lifted security controls, allowing thieves to access other vital military technologies, while disarming his own side and opposing needed defenses.

In the 1990s Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe, now governor of Virginia, set records raising money for the Clintons, an era during which congressional investigators also unearthed an elaborate Communist Chinese money-laundering scheme.

The money being funneled to the Clinton organization was included in that Chinese scheme.  McAuliffe helped give the favors, and at the same time Beijing stole U.S. design data for nearly all elements needed for a major nuclear attack on the U.S., such as advanced warheads, missiles, and guidance systems.

China’s theft of American technology gave it a 20-year head start in developing its own nuclear warhead delivery system, Horowitz writes.

As the Democrats attack Trump, and accuse him of having connections to Russia, they have amnesia regarding the Clinton's arrangements with the Chinese., and they ignore the Clinton's relationship with the Kremlin.

Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign received massive amounts of money from China, and chairman John Podesta became a member of the board of directors of solar energy startup Joule Unlimited in 2011. Eight months later Rusnano, a Kremlin-backed investment fund announced it would invest around $35 million in Joule. A few months after, about the time Podesta joined then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board, Rusnano Chairman Anatoly Chubais joined Joule’s board.

Podesta has been less than forthcoming about his relationship with the Russian government.

Uranium One shareholders gave the corrupt Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation more than $145 million in donations in the period before Hillary’s State Department approved a transaction giving Russia control over 20 percent of U.S. uranium. And as Russia, which initially didn’t have a controlling interest in Uranium One, was gearing up to take over the company, Bill Clinton received a whopping $500,000 for a single speech on Russian soil.

Bill Clinton was friendly toward Russia during his presidency, as well.

Clinton sent “a billion dollars to Russia earmarked for its ‘nuclear disarmament program,’ even though the government’s own General Accounting Office has already determined that millions of these dollars are going to Russian scientists working to build new nuclear weapons for the Russian military.”

Like Clinton, President Obama has written big checks to the nation’s enemies, sending $150 billion to the crazed mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Islamists have penetrated both of our political parties but only Democrats –the party more amenable to subversives— have two sitting congressmen, Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Andre Carson of Indiana, who are Islamists.

While the Clinton administration was working to improve relations with China, “the Chinese themselves were systematically plotting to penetrate the Democratic Party, subvert America’s electoral process, and—with the help of the president himself—infiltrate the administration and steal America’s advanced weapons arsenal.”

That doesn’t sound a whole lot different than Obama’s nuclear so-called nonproliferation pact with Iran, which in reality green-lights Iranian adventurism by helping the mullahs get their hands on nuclear weapons technology to use against Israel and the United States.

In the modern era Democrats have a long history of aiding America’s enemies, interrupted only by brief periods of tension.

They need an external villain to prevent their own grassroots from rising up against them, so now, the GOP is being pegged as being in bed with Putin.

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