Saturday, July 08, 2017

Constitution Radio: Geo Water

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Douglas V. Gibbs
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Today's Guest: Double X.  Topic: Geo Water

After the interview, the AllStar/CarStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

◉  Failure of Public Transportation

◉  Obamaphone Fraud

◉  Federal Voter Rolls Investigation

◉  Putin and Trump Meeting in Germany

◉  Violence in Hamburg

Associated Press: GOP Voters Angry About Lack of Progress by Congress and Trump

◉  Democrats Seek 25th Amendment Removal of President Trump

◉  CNN's Extortion

◉  Last Call, Constitution Association Annual Dinner

◉  Slow Justice for LaVoy Finicum

Dear Douglas,

I just recently read your article Slow Justice for LaVoy Finicum and wanted to thank you for writing this.  It feels good to see that not all media sources are blinded and influenced by main-stream false rhetoric.

Tom Tenney, MBA
Son in-law of LaVoy Finicum

◉  North Korea's Woes

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