Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Democrat Re-brand is Leftism by a Different Name

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Democrats are confused. How in the world did they lose in November of 2016 when Hillary Clinton was the inevitable heir apparent?  Their manipulated polls said she could not be beat, and that the emergence of Donald J. Trump increased her odds of winning.  How could they be so wrong?

At first, the Democrats believed that they lost because they weren't clear with their message of progressivism, so they doubled down on it.  A communist now chairs the DNC, with a Muslim as his second in command.  The Republicans have been accused of being evil, the identity politics has been ratcheted up a notch, and freedom of speech is not freedom of speech unless you agree with the Democrats. . . and that hasn't been working.  So, the Democrats figure they need to re-brand, come up with a clearer message, come up with a new and improved way of presenting themselves.

The problem is, progressive politics is not new and it is not improved.  While the Democrats believe they lost to Donald Trump because the voters didn't know what the party stands for, the reality is, the voters voted in Trump because they know exactly what the Democrats stand for.

Back in the 1930s the New Deal worked really well, so for their new message they are renaming an old message.  "A Better Deal."

A better deal of what?  Leftism?  Are they going to deal out jokers and deuces?

The Democrats are trying to rehash the lie that they are for the working people. 

The problem is, all of their policies are not good for the working people.

The Democrats have three overarching goals: raising wages, lowering costs for families, and giving working Americans better skills for the 21st century economy.

The first two, however, are not capable of existing at the same time.  If wages go up because of government mandate, costs go up.  As for skills, subsidizing college has already made the Bachelor's Degrees worthless.  What else will they be devaluing?

In reality, the Democrats message is anti-corporate America. They want to force the medical industry and drug industry to fit into their own little box, go after larger corporations for daring to seem like they might be a monopoly, and then the Democrats want to use government to limit the size of mergers and corporate interests.  Then, after attacking the corporations, they say they want to create millions of jobs.

How do you create jobs when you target the job creators with higher taxes and regulations?

Have you ever been hired by a poor person?

The Democrats are nervous, and they don't realize that it's their socialism that has turned people off.  They are like the squirrel with a fist full of nuts who can't remove its fist from a jar.  All they need to do is let go of the nuts. Problem is, the whole party is nuts.

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