Thursday, July 20, 2017

Islam's Rape Problem in America

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I was discussing the Islamic invasion of America with California Republican Jay Obernolte, recently, and he told me that the liberal left is using Islam, and believes after they get rid of any conservative opposition remaining in the world, they will have no problem dominating or eliminating Islam.  The global liberal left and the followers of the false prophet Muhammad both know that the two are not able to coexist on any level, but they have common enemies and so they are using each other to eliminate Israel, conservatives and Christians from the political scene.  While both have global totalitarian aspirations, the liberal left progressive socialist communists firmly believe that once they achieve the one-party world system they seek, Islam will be easily whisked away.

Islam is an invading force that plays victim and uses deception to conquer their host countries.  Since the Muslims are playing victim, it plays into the wheelhouse of the Democrats.  The liberal left loves to use victimhood to anchor their narrative, and create yet more fiery darts to throw at their opposition.

In Boston, the leftists of the city are going so far as to issue signs designed to help "defuse Islamophobic situations."  According to the leaders of the Massachusetts' city where the events that led to the American Revolution emerged, actions need to be taken to "help disrupt the abuse, make victims feel safer and less alienated, and help disempower perpetrators."  To enable such, step-by-step instructions are going to be posted on city-owned furniture in about 50 locations. Other cities, like San Francisco and New York, have launched similar campaigns.

The string of offenses committed by Islam is long, and reaches deeply into the annals of history.  Islam is barbaric, warlike, and committed to spreading their ideology by the tip of a sword, and in the name of religion.  They have no respect for anyone that is not a part of Islam.  To them, non-Muslims are nothing more than animals who can be abused, raped or slaughtered at the whims of the followers.  The system is blood-thirsty, and vial.  They will do anything they want, because they consider themselves superior, and dominant.  The smug arrogance of Muslims portrays their true feelings about those who dare to oppose them.

Need proof?

In Idaho a five year old girl was gang-raped by three Muslim refugees who lured her into a laundry room, stripped her, urinated on her, and raped her.  On top of all that, they filmed the incident, mocking the girl as they raped her. The liberal left media has ignored the story, and leftist Judge Thomas Borreson, the judge presiding over Idaho’s 5th Judicial District, not only let the rapists off completely Scott free, but he also issued a gag order preventing anyone from saying bad things about the Muslim rapists.

The judge made this decision in spite of the fact that the Muslim “refugees,” pleaded guilty to urinating on, orally raping, and anally raping, the 5 year old girl.  In any other scenario, the attackers would have been sentenced to life in prison.  

Also, now the victim’s lawyer is facing contempt charges due to a benign comment he made to the Idaho Statesman about the little girl’s parents, and how they’re extremely distraught over the verdict.

Some media news sources, in order to protect their "Islam is the religion of peace" narrative, have put out propaganda, claiming that the refugees did not rape the young girl.

In Los Angeles a couple weeks ago a 15-year-old girl was brutally and viciously raped by five Muslim men while walking home from school. She was pulled into an alleyway and sexually assaulted repeatedly, leaving her with permanent physical and emotional injuries.  She had met all of her attackers previously, having spent time socializing and doing drugs with them. All of these men are over 21 years old. Three of them do not speak any English.

The victim remains hospitalized, and though the standard operating procedure in the medical industry is to report violent crime to the police, the victim and her family have so far declined to pursue a criminal investigation.  The attackers remain at large.

➽ The infiltration of Islam is at all levels, from political and governmental offices, to educational and security posts.  At the Seattle Airport, a TSA Agent (you know, the folks who are supposed to make sure terrorists don't get on flights) was caught on video praying to Allah.  He did it in the open, bowing down and praying for all to see.  Christians, who nobody is afraid may go into a crowded public area with a bomb-belt on their waist, are expected to keep their religion inside the four walls of their church, but Muslims, who have constantly verbalized their hate for America, and their willingness to kill anyone who disagrees with them, are protected because in the world of leftist and Muslim propaganda having a problem with the chanting and praying Muslim would be considered intolerant and mean.

I wonder if these same liberals would have granted similar protections to Nazis in America during World War II?

In 2015, 73 airport employees were found to be on the terror watchlist.

TSA has a 95% failure rate, engage in theft and smuggle drugs. One TSA agent stole upwards of $200,000 and revealed the secrets of thefts at airports.

These people will not even allow you to fly if you wear a shirt with a free speech slogan stating that you are anti-TSA, but they will do all they can to protect Islamic terrorists because they are their brethren.

Considering the rape record of Islam, as stated above, it is no surprise that the TSA reprobates are also overseen by people who have been caught in child porn stings.

But, Islam is protected, because they claim to be an abused minority, and because they are a religion.

How can Islam claim protection based on our First Amendment regarding religious freedoms when everything they believe and proclaim is incompatible with our U.S. Constitution and incompatible with the basic elements of religion when it comes to every other religion in the world?

Islam is not a religion.  It is a way of life, a totalitarian ideology that masquerades as a religion, and then demands submission by all of those who do not belong to Islam. Failure to comply may result in being called an "Islamophobe," for now.  When their numbers rise, the violence and the beheadings will increase.

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