Sunday, July 30, 2017

Senate Hasn't been Confirming Judges

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Trump administration has been among one of the most active presidencies in history.  Following Obama, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get things back on track.  The problem is, the U.S. Senate has not been as cooperative in that effort as one would like (with a special thanks to turncoats McCain, Collins and Murkowski).  The failure to get Obamacare repealed is the story we are hearing about the most, but the truth is, the U.S. Senate is also way behind on the confirmation of Trump's nominees to various federal court positions.

The Democrats know the margin of a Republican majority is thin, and if anything, with the turncoat members of the GOP in place, the Democrats pretty much have a majority in the Senate.  So, the Democrats are using a number of strategies to delay confirmations on judges. Among the strategies, Democrats are refusing to blue home-state senators from submitting “blue slips” showing their consent to advancing the nomination.

The American People voted for a president they believed would be able to stand up to the leftist madness, and do what is in the best interest of the union of States.  A part of that job is to nominate federal judges who adhere to the country's laws, and the original intent of the United States Constitution.  The Senate's job, which was originally the voice of the States rather than a bunch of ideologically fanatical democratically elected buffoons, is to review the qualifications of the nominees, and confirm or reject them based on a hearing that includes questioning the potential judge.

It's not happening because the Senators are refusing to even allow the nominations to get out of committee.  120 vacancies exist in the federal courts, but the Senate Democrats are doing all they can to make sure the new judges aren't even questioned, much less installed.

The Democrats fear Trump's nominations, so they are trying to delay the process as much as possible on 120 vacancies so as to not lose any courts or panels dominated by left-leaning judges.

Remember, these are the same Democrats who screamed that the Republicans were willing to wait months over a Supreme Court nomination. . . yet for over a hundred inferior court seats, the Democrats are willing to stall for years.

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cannon said...

two words......recess appointments

make a dozen or so the next recess, and watch things start happening

Dale Day said...

Just another arcane and outdated Senate “custom” that needs to be done away with – and the reform would only need 51 votes if the GOP had senatorial leadership.