Saturday, August 05, 2017

Constitution Association Monthly Dinner Meeting: Stop Top Two

As voters in California, we have been frustrated with the way the fact that the Democrats have a super-majority, and the primaries are now rigged in such a way  that the Republican Party can literally be knocked out of the final ballot by a system that allows for only the top two vote receivers in the primary to go to the general ballot in November.  In the last election, this rule established by Proposition 14 led to two Democrats on the general ballot in the race for U.S. Senator.  This style of open primary is dangerous, and suppresses the vote of anyone who may not agree with the Democrats.

Fortunately, there is an effort to reverse this, and tonight's speaker at the Constitution Association Monthly Dinner Meeting is the State coordinator for the effort, Tom Palzer.  This will be a meeting for learning, and becoming active. You will have a chance to join Palzer's effort, and help circulate the paperwork necessary to make the repeal of the Top Two primary voting rule possible.  There is no door charge, but we do ask that all attendees purchase a meal since we do receive use of the banquet room for free.  See details, time, and address below........

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