Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Leftism Killed Venezuela

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The United States Constitution stands in direct opposition to socialism, leftism, communism, progressivism, or whatever else you wish to call it.  The United States Constitution was the final call for laissez faire in a world of empires.  Once applied, the fledgling United States as she grew posed as real evidence that the concepts of limited government and self-governance not only works to keep central government out of local issues, but that doing such a thing leads to a society that thrives both socially, and economically.

All governments who have turned their backs on limiting the power of the central government, and turned their backs on a free market, have failed and collapsed.  Venezuela is one of the latest examples of this reality.

Venezuela used to be among the richest countries in the world, the fourth richest on a per capita basis.  Then, they turned against the principles that made the country successful.  Now, Venezuela is on the verge of complete collapse, and it is the complete fault of the fact that they chased a leftist agenda - the same revolutionary socialism the Democrats in the United States, and the leftists in Europe, are currently chasing.

Starvation has plagued the country.  Basic products like toilet paper are not available.  Venezuela is rich in resources, possessing more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, but all of the resources in the world cannot stand against the destructive powers of leftist politics.  Now, having abandoned limited government and a free market economy, Venezuela is on the verge of bankruptcy and civil war, and the fall was rapid, and not caused by anything other than the politics of Venezuela heading leftward.

The opposition has been threatened and silenced.  Dissent is excoriated.  Venezuela is a dangerous place for anyone who dares to speak out against President Maduro. . . sort of like it has become in the United States for those who dare to voice that they support President Donald J. Trump.

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