Wednesday, September 13, 2017

California SB 179: Fueling the Sickness

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I received the following from Melissa Melendez on Facebook: "SB 179 Authorizes a person to request a new birth certificate for purposes of changing gender (male, female, or nonbinary), even if he or she has not undergone gender reassignment surgery. Requires a third gender option (nonbinary) on California driver licenses. Makes it easier for persons to change their birth certificates and driver licenses to reflect their gender identity even if their gender hasn't physically changed."

The Democrats are pushing this fluid pronoun be whatever ever you want to be narrative for votes, and to disrupt the moral compass of our country.  In truth, we are dealing with a mental sickness, a mental health issue, but for the sake of power and votes the Democrats are willing to fuel the sickness.  Think about how truly disgusting that truly is?

They do it for the sake of power, and to be in defiance of God's order of nature.

The Democrats say they are the party of science, and that Republicans, or conservatives, or Tea Party people are anti-science.  How is denying the truth of biology following science?  In two hundred years, each of the people who say they are a member of the opposite sex than what they were born as will not be seen by the scientists of the future as their new sex.  The scientists of the future will say that they were their sex of birth because that is what science says.  That is what their tests will say, based on the truth of biology.

I wonder what those same people, 200 years from now, will say about the enabling of a mental health illness by a political party so that tyranny can be thwarted onto society for the sake of votes and political power?

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Anonymous said...

Ok A that person in that picture is killing it and B you really don't understand how identity or evolution works do you