Saturday, September 09, 2017

Malia Obama's White Friends

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Eldest daughter of the Obama Clan, Malia Obama, is now college-aged, and is now a Harvard attendee.  Freedom.  No more tight schedules with secret service personnel (they are there, but she's got more freedom).  She's enjoying her life, too.  She attended music festivals across the country during the Summer, along with other festivities.  Except, her liberal left admirers are not real happy with her choice of friends.

They are concerned.  Her private moments are being leaked (how dare her immoral moments be exposed), and she's hanging out with the wrong kind of crowds.

"Malia," is the cry, "when are you going to make black friends!"

That's right, the leftists are slamming Malia for hanging out with white people.

Wait, I thought it was conservative republican types who were the racists?

One writer wrote, "My greatest wish for Malia, as she makes her way into Black womanhood, is that she finds a great group of Black friends."

The writer goes on to say, "I know from my upbringing in cushy, midwest suburbs that not only are white kids reckless, but they have little to lose. And even when they’re caught in the act, they face incommensurate consequences."

Because an upbringing in a tough, city neighborhood doesn't raise reckless kids, right?  Just ask the dead victims piling up in Chicago.

Yeah, her troubles are all the white people's fault.

As you can see, yet another poor black child has been poisoned by white society. . . because God knows she had no control over her own choices that she made. . . right?

Poor Sasha Obama is being poisoned by white people too!

The horror of it all!!!!!!

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