Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why Harvey Weinstein Matters

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

If someone on the Republican side of the aisle is accused of inappropriate sexual advances or activity, their career ends.  Fox News personalities have been dropping off like flies.  GOP politicians are excoriated and then vanish from the face of the Earth.

Not so much, when it comes to lefties.

The liberal left Marxists circle the wagons, question what the definition of is, is. . . and then all is forgiven or forgotten (especially if your are a Clinton, or a Kennedy), and often the person gets a step up.  If the offense is egregious enough, then they are abandoned, but their existence is so forgotten, that even the public forgets who the perpetrator was.  Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and numerous others killed people, or received sexual favors in the Oval Office, and then all was forgiven, and somehow the fault fell into the Republican Party's lap for daring to make a big deal about it.

This time, a hard left guy might not get off so easy, and it's happening while the liberal left's image is already in trouble.

Enter, stage left, entertainment industry giant Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein, the Miramax monster, wasn't exposed for the rest of us to see until he resigned.  Then, people like Meryl Streep, announced who the man really is.  She said she was appalled at Harvey, and then once he was down, a barrage of actresses added their condemnations.

Harvey Weinstein made a lot of people's careers. He could also break careers. So, the victims remained silent, for fear of losing work.

Now they know how the conservatives in the acting community feel.

The thing is, everyone knew. The industry is full of sexual predators, monsters, pedophiles and silent rapists.  But, his immense power protected Harvey Weinstein.  Nobody wanted to touch him not only because he could make or break careers, but because he was generous to the Marxist cause.  He was the man behind numerous Obama fundraisers, Hillary moments, Bill Clinton's opportunities, and a big, giant get-together to help out Planned Parenthood.

Now that his sexual garbage and leftist underhandedness has been exposed, he's blaming a right wing conspiracy.  Hillary and Bill were able to use that excuse, why not him?

Yet, Harvey Weinstein has not escaped the leftist condemnation.  He doesn't understand.  They didn't turn on Bill Clinton like that.

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