Sunday, February 11, 2018

Middle East War of Words Leading to Israeli Actions

Raised area represents land promised
to Israel by God in the Old Testament
By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

A conflict in the Middle East is nothing new.  An escalation of the military confrontation is often expected, considering the volatility of the region, and the players involved.

Israel launched airstrikes in Syria as Iran extended its reach with a drone (which Israel says was an American knock-off) into northern Israel.  In response, Israel hit the location from which the drone was launched from in Syria, and in turn Syria shot down an Israeli fighter.  Israel's airstrikes delivered severe blows to Iran and Syria, but the latest news says the confrontation is now at a temporary pause.

Iran displayed a missile they claim not only has the ability to reach Israel, but each of America's military bases in the Jewish Nation.

Iran's movements along the border are being seen as a serious strategic threat to Israel. 

While the United States has not been involved, U.S. Forces are prepared, if needed.  General Mattis described Israel's actions as "self-defense."

Israeli leadership indicates that Iran is entrenching itself militarily in Syria, as Netanyahu has said repeatedly. Tehran denies it is doing so.

While several analysts said they did not expect a further escalation in the coming days, some spoke of the possibility of the Syrian war entering a new phase.

As a result, Israel has been boosting its air defenses.  Surrounding factions are watching, and Hezbollah says we are entering a 'New Era' of conflict in the Middle East.

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