Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Austin Bomber Revealed, Reveals Democrat Party's Hate for Freedom

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The liberal left wants desperately for the bombings to be a hate crime, because they want to launch a deeper war on the First Amendment.  They want to use racism to forward their leftist ideas because they are desperate.  They are tired of the war on ideas, because they hate that there are other ideas out there, and that people are allowed to voice opposing views.

The Austin Bomber, Mark Anthony Conditt, is a 24-Year-Old white kid.  Two of his victims were white, too.  So what?  The Democrats want to control speech and thought, so if it will further their crusade to control the narrative and push their tyrannical agenda, they will use the deaths of these bombings to do so.  That is why they are screaming the Austin bombings were "hate crimes."

The individual behind the bombings has turned out to be a messed up kid.  A product, likely, of the public school system.  What went wrong in his head?  Nobody will ever know.  He was evil, stupid, and now he is dead.  If he hadn't of blown himself up and died by his own bomb-making hands, I would say to give him the death penalty.

Oh, wait, the leftists are against that.  They love killing babies in their mother's womb, but killing serial bombers for crimes against humanity is going just a little too far.

His roommates are being questioned.  The whole thing is not over, yet.  There may be more explosives out there.  He may have had an accomplice.  Nobody knows.  But, this is not an excuse for hate crime legislation.   Remember the trip wire bomb?  That told us this was something he was doing randomly.  Random victims.  The kid was a piece of crap, but he was not targeting anyone.  The bombings were not racially motivated (and even if they were, that still does not give anyone an excuse for passing hate crime legislation that is Orwellian at best).

Still, the left calls for hate crime legislation out of this.  Not because they are sad.  Not because they are angry that some people died.  They are opportunists, and this is yet another opportunity.

It's all about control with these people.  They want to control what you say, what you do, and what you can purchase, because government has real power when it can tell you "no."

Guns?  They want to control them, and if you disagree, you must be bought by the NRA.  In New Jersey, a kid got suspended from school for going to a gun range with his family on his own time!  Control!  Tyrannical, authoritarian, leftist control.  The Democrats even want to control what you do on your own time, especially if you post it on social media!  In the gun debate one kid during the national student walk-out was suspended for refusing to take sides.  In their minds you are either with them, or against them, and if you are against them, they will punish you.

The liberal left Democrats hate the bill of rights, unless they can twist it to favor them. They don't want their opposition to have freedom of religion, but it's fine for Islam (which isn't a religion, but a political ideology that wants to replace the Constitution with sharia law).  Christians, however, are unacceptable, and the Democrats have been working ferociously to kill Christian speech.  They hate freedom of speech (it's hate speech to disagree with them) and they hate freedom of the press . . . unless you agree with them.  You will be censored, your books will be banned and burned, and you will be silenced online or through a fairness doctrine . . . controlled . . . if you dare to disagree with them.  They hate the right of assembly (IRS attacks on patriotic non-profits revealed that), or to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  In fact, if they don't like you or agree with you, they will not only punish you, but try to compel you to do their bidding.  Just ask pro-life pregnancy centers in California.

They hate the Second Amendment the most, because, how can you be silenced if you have the ability to fight back?  How can they control you if you can defend yourself against their tyranny?  That's why they love the legalization of marijuana.  If you lose motivation, and are high, you won't care enough to fight back.  You are easier to control, that way.

And they will do anything to regain power, keep that power, and silence you. . . including importing voters across a wide-open border who don't even appreciate liberty, or the United States.  And if you disagree, that's fine.  They will simply call you evil and tyrannical (and purveyors of a new holocaust) for daring to try and stop their quest for ultimate power over America, and their quest to kill the freedom and liberty for you to disagree with them.

You didn't think they actually care about those people crossing the border, do you?  It's all about votes, demographics, and control.  The illegal aliens are useful idiots to the Democrats, being used for one reason, and one reason only: To develop more power.  The goal?  A one party system in the United States.

The Austin Bomber is not about evil, to them . . . it's just another opportunity for the liberal left to enact legislation to silence their opposition.  They are excited those people died, just as they were excited people died in Parkland, Florida.  To the Democrats, everything evil is an opportunity to expand their control over you.

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