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Bucking the Liberal Left Machine

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The utopian schemes of communitarian collectivism date all the way back to the dawn of humanity.  It's an age-old battle that reaches a crescendo every so often, and from those conflicts there are multiple ripples throughout history that always end up in the deaths of millions.  The war of political ideologies has become a global conflict, and the attacks against the establishment by a movement crystallized by the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States and Brexit are being mirrored by positioning and a last grasp at maintaining power by the liberal left progressive socialist commie globalists.

ITALY — A friend of mine once complained to me about how the socialists have screwed up his birth country of Italy.  He said to me, "we need to throw out the socialists in power, and replace them with good socialists."

Generations have been convinced that communism didn't fail because it is a bad ideology, but because the wrong people were running it.  After fighting a couple World Wars against dictators, and other wars against communism (i.e. Korea, Vietnam), along with a Cold War that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union, Europe and the liberal left Democrats in the United States, have embraced the very same ideology that we fought against.

In the case of Italy, they have realized that their current leadership was not doing so well, so as we have seen in other European countries, the voters are revolting against the establishment . . . except in the case of Italy, where they removed the socialists, only to replace them with new socialists.

Italy has been without a government that is capable of keeping the country prosperous and safe.  The same can increasingly be said for vast stretches of Europe.

The establishment dichotomy is being challenged, and in many places, it is dissolving. Europeans are angry.  They've watched their lives deteriorate into mediocrity.  They've watched their lands be overrun by Muslims, bringing with them an ideology that is not capable of assimilating into European society and culture.  As a result, the elite is being discharged, and anti-establishment movements are on the rise.  The problem is, in some cases, the replacement is not necessarily one that seeks liberty.

Europe is the canary in a coal mine, and right now, the bird is coughing heavily.  The leftist political order is on the ropes, and new movements are appearing and earning the enthusiasm of the populace.

In Italy, the populist Five Star Movement trounced its opponents in a recent election, becoming Italy’s largest political party.

As the traditional structures of political alignment in Europe are breaking down, the voters are racing towards the margins, where the far right, and the far left, resides.  It took the Dutch 208 days to form an ideologically messy four-way coalition last year after an election in which 13 parties won seats in the parliament.

The Czechs still do not have a functioning government after voting in October yielded an unwieldy parliament populated by anti-immigrant hard-liners, pro-market liberals, communists, and a loose alliance of libertarians, anarchists and coders known as the Pirates.

The fragmentation of European politics has the European Union crumbling.  European unity is giving way to feudal factions.  The major parties have been downsized, and grand coalitions may be a thing of the past.

In Italy, the socialists who lean more leftward have grabbed the reins.  In Austria, a right-leaning power structure is now in control.  Europe is divided, and the anger is rising.

GERMANY — France has over 750 no-go zones, which are communities where the Muslim percentage of the population is so high, and the neighborhood has become so dangerous to non-Muslim outsiders, that even law enforcement steers clear of these areas.  Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, has now admitted that no-go zones also exist in Germany.

The warning that among the consequences of mass Muslim migration from the Middle East and Africa is the Islamization of the host countries, community by community, as the percentage of Muslims in the country rises, has not been heeded by Europe's leadership.  In fact, Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015 as a response to the alleged Syrian refugee crisis.

As a result, Germany's Muslim population has skyrocketed, and terrorist activity has been on the rise.

Despite evidence of the existence of no-go zone areas in Western countries, European leaders and left-wing media commentators have long denied, and sometimes even mocked, those who claim that no-go zones exist.

The reality is, and Merkel has finally come to admit it, because of her open-borders stance, no-go zones exist, and Germany is in a crisis that may be more severe than they are willing to admit.  Frankly, German identity, and national sovereignty, may be at risk.  In short, Germany is on its way to becoming a Muslim-majority country, and losing the liberty that they have worked so hard for over the past few generations.  Ironically, the Islamic ideology they are succumbing to shares many traits with the one they were sucked into during the last century, and was defeated in World War II; namely, Nazism.

The Associated Press reported that Merkel's admittance of what Germany is facing left fellow lawmakers “speechless.” The remarks quickly spread across Europe, fueling and encouraging nationalist-populist politicians who have pushed back against lax immigration policies.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, which has been under siege from the European Union for its hardline stance on asylum seekers, hailed Merkel’s comments as a victory.

“Today, it seems this taboo has been broken. Guess who is talking about ‘no-go zones’?” a blog post on the Hungarian government’s official website said.

“That we’re finally calling them by name signals a step in the right direction,” it said.

Nonetheless, the admittance is not being followed by any actions.  Douglas Murray, author of "The Strange Death of Europe" told Fox News that it was the latest example of Merkel saying one thing but doing another. He noted that in 2010, Merkel declared in Potsdam that multiculturalism had "utterly failed," only then to massively increase immigration just a few years later.

"She is the master of being able to say the headline-grabbing thing, while doing absolutely nothing to stop the reality from worsening, and then doing everything to make it infinitely worse," he said.

Could that reality lead to her demise?  Is what has been happening in other parts of Europe ready to move through Germany?  The establishment is failing.  Their power is falling.  Europeans are demanding an end to the mass immigration projects that have been destroying their countries, and they are targeting the establishment's base of power to make the change.

Elections are coming up, and coalitions are being formed.  Germany's fate may be hanging by a thread, and it may be the next election that will determine if Germany lives on as Germany, or dies an infidel's death.

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. has been at the center of who the progressive elite in the world is.  The U.N. has been receiving a lion's share of criticism from the United States, specifically from the Trump administration, and from the voters behind Europe's rejection of the ruling elitist establishment.  The U.N., however, has not only been failing in what it does, it is being revealed that the U.N. is among the sources of evil in the world on the large scale, and the small scale (individuals representing them).

The U.N. has hailed that it holds high the rights of children, yet, one of their own "child rights activists" has been convicted of abusing a 12-year-old boy.  He managed a charity that received massive amounts of money from organizations like NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Save the Children and Unicef.

Peter Newell, who wrote a manual on children’s rights published by Unicef, was jailed for multiple counts of historical sexual assault on a child aged 12 when the abuse began.

Newell, 77, was listed as co-ordinator for Approach, a children’s charity active across Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia until the allegations arose in 2016.

He was jailed last month at Blackfriars crown court after admitting five charges relating to the rape and indecent assault of a boy under 16.

The U.N. has had a serious child-rape problem for years.

→ UN Peacekeepers in Haiti.

→ UN Peacekeepers in the Central African Republic.

→ UN Mission in Senegal.

→ UN Peacekeepers in Bosnia.

→  A child porn studio in the basement of a Brussels United Nations Children’s Fund building.

The studio was used to take pornographic photographs of children, many of whom were of North African origin, the police said.  The police said more than 1,000 photographs were seized, along with a mailing list of some 400 names in 15 European countries that had been prepared on the Unicef office computer.

Similar photographs found in several other European countries appear to have been taken in the Unicef office in Brussels, according to investigators.

Among those arrested was another Unicef employee, Michel Felu, 45, who the police say organized evening computer classes for children in the organization’s offices. These children were then sometimes made to pose for pornographic photographs, the police said.

But the U.N. is not alone. Last week the charity and haven for noxious busy bodies, Oxfam, revealed that its workers had extracted sexual favors from women they were supposed to be assisting after the Haiti earthquake.

UNITED STATES — Mack Reynolds wrote a book titled Trample an Empire Down in 1978 about a future society where technology pretty much handled all jobs, so the population was on a perpetual welfare system where everyone got a universal basic income, and rationed food, drink and other items for life.  The heroes decide in the book that the limitations don't allow them the ability to buy enough beer, so they decide to overthrow the government.

Universal basic income, according to NBC, is gaining support.  It is being seen by the liberal left as an extension of the welfare system, but in truth, it is a proposed leap towards pure socialism.

NBC states that a poll from 10 years ago showed just 12 percent of Americans approved of a universal basic income.  Today, 48 percent of Americans support it, according to a new Northeastern University/Gallup survey of more than 3,000 U.S. adults.

Is it a change of heart?  Or a sign of the effectiveness of the liberal left's propaganda?

The survey states that universal basic income is being looked at as a solution for Americans who have lost jobs to automation.

Hmmmm, sounds like the fictional world created by Mr. Reynolds, doesn't it?

In Trample an Empire Down, society has a severe Soviet feel to it. Equality in misery.  Stack 'em and pack 'em living conditions, where the people merely live . . . like animals, with no hopes, nor incentive, and no upward mobility.

But, America seems to be willing to give that kind of collectivism it a try.

Proposals for universal basic income programs vary, but the most common one is a system in which the federal government sends out regular checks to everyone, regardless of their earnings or employment.

Pilots of such programs are underway in Finland and Canada. In rural Kenya, a basic income is managed by nonprofit GiveDirectly. India — with a population of more than 1.3 billion residents — is considering establishing a universal basic income.

The vision of the Soviets is nearly realized.  Communism is knocking on the door worldwide, and sadly, America may be preparing to take the lead.

Y Combinator Research, based in Oakland, California, started a test of a basic income last year and is raising funds to expand the research project. This year in Stockton, California, Mayor Michael Tubbs' Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration will give several dozen low-income families $500 each month in a study of basic income. Alaska residents have each received a payment annually for decades from the Alaska Permanent Fund, which has ranged from around $330 to more than $2,000.

The liberal left argument states "The claim is often made that if you give people a basic income, they'll become lazy and stop doing work.  It's an insult to the human condition. Basic incomes tend to increase people's work rather than reduce it."

Not in the long-run, and not when applied on a larger scope.

Has the liberal left not learned from the collapse of the Soviet Union?  Have they not learned from Venezuela?  How about California, who, after decades of liberal control, has gone from the Golden State to the worst State in the union when it comes to quality of life.

The left doesn't want quality in life.  They want communism.

52 percent of Americans still do not support a basic income.

65 percent of Democrats want to see a universal basic income and 54 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 35 do. In comparison, just 28 percent of Republicans support universal basic income.

80 percent of supporters say that the companies that benefit from artificial intelligence should pay the higher taxes to fund a basic income.

TEXAS — Democrats are convinced of the propaganda about Trump being the next Hitler.  He must be stopped, they are thinking, and as a result, the enthusiasm among Democrats to vote is high . . . so high that it could make Texas turn blue.

Texas is holding its first 2018 primary, and there has been an incredible surge of Democratic voters in that election.

The midterm election season officially kicked off Tuesday, and early voting suggests a record turnout for Democrats.

Are the Texas primaries a bellwether for the rest of the nation?  Are the predictions of a leftist surge in the mid-term elections, one that could damage the strength of the Republican Party, and steal the Senate from the GOP, in the cards?

“What these primaries really boil down to is one issue: Trump versus anti-Trump,” Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University, told Fox News. “There is relatively little talk about the issues for either party. It’s a race to the margins. Democrats are all against the president, while with Republicans it’s about staying close to Trump, and whether that hurts or helps them.”

Trump went all in early last week in support of Texas Republicans, tweeting, "I want to encourage all of my many Texas friends to vote in the primary for Governor Greg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton. They are helping me to Make America Great Again! Vote early or on March 6th."

Experts say Republicans will need a big turnout if the party hopes to counter the groundswell of interest for the Democrats.

The lesson?  It is critical that patriots go to the voting booths during this election . . . in every State.

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