Saturday, March 17, 2018

Constitution Radio: Law, Order, and Justice

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs
Saturday 1-3 pm Pacific LIVE
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Host Douglas V. Gibbs will be joined by
Dennis Jackson and Alex Ferguson as co-hosts on Constitution Radio with Doug.

Constitution Radio on KMET

If you are not local, and cannot pick-up the program on KMET 1490-AM on your radio dial, Listen Live online at KMET also has a phone app, and the podcast will be available if you miss the show live.

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First Guest: The Riverside County Sheriff race pits Sheriff Stan Sniff against challengers Lt. Chad Bianco (25 year veteran of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department) and former Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown.  Bianco ran four years ago, and in retaliation, Sheriff Sniff disallowed him from wearing a uniform, driving a patrol car or responding to calls.  "Everything has been taken away from me," said Bianco.  "I have zero responsibilities at the station."  Bianco is heavily supported by law enforcement leadership, and the Riverside Sheriff's Association.

Second Guest: Judge Steven Bailey is a retired Judge of the Superior Court of California.  He has seen the impact of not following the Constitution, and believes we must enforce our laws according to our Constitution – not the political whim of the day. Law enforcement agencies have endorsed the Judge because they know his proven record of standing on the side of public safety and the rule of law. Judge Bailey will join us during the second hour of the program.


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